Product packages

IAR Embedded Workbench® for 8051 is available in standard, limited and baseline editions.

  Standard Limited Baseline
Editor Yes Yes Yes
Project Manager Yes Yes Yes
IAR C/C++ Compiler for 8051 Yes Yes Yes¹
MISRA Checker Yes    
IAR Assembler for 8051 Yes Yes
Linker and librarian Yes Yes Yes
Run-time libraries incl source code Yes Yes Yes
C-SPY® Debugger Yes   Yes
RTOS plugins Yes   Yes
SUA² Yes Yes  
Part number EW8051 EW8051-LE EW8051-BL

¹ 8KB size limit on compiled code. No limit for assembler code.
² Support and Update Agreement (SUA)

Please contact your sales office for detailed information about the packages available in your region.