At IAR Systems we believe that cooperation makes us more than the sum of our parts. It is the quality of cooperation across office, departmental and national borders that is reflected in the meeting with the customer, with people who want to work here, with shareholders and investors. It is the quality of IAR Systems’ cooperative ability that will continue to bring us success and enable us to meet our highly placed goals. 

One of our greatest advantages is our global organization through which we can interact with customers in all of our different markets. At the same time, it is a challenge to have many different time zones and cultures in our internal communication. It is therefore important to be responsive in efforts to develop processes and tools for our human resources. Finding a balance where we benefit from factors like our cultural differences but still giving our employees the feeling that we are a single IAR Systems.

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 Around 89% of the employees hold a university degree. IAR Systems offers a stimulating and educational environment with extensive on-the-job training and a structured transfer of knowledge between individuals and departments. Employee turnover in the company is low because our employees are given challenging work duties in order to develop and because they thrive in our work environment. 

More than 60 people work with development of IAR Systems’ products and technology at our offices in Uppsala and Camarillo, Los Angeles. Uppsala is the base for most of the product organization, with some ten product managers who have a constant ear to the market. Development and production of our debug probes take place mainly in Uppsala, but also in Camarillo, Los Angeles. 

Together, the developers have 750 man years of experience with the current version of IAR Embedded Workbench. On the average, each individual developer has worked for the company for more than ten years. It takes between one and two years for a developer to become highly productive in his or her work – and is in other words a major investment for the company. It is therefore vital that we succeed in retaining our developers by offering interesting challenges and a stimulating work environment.


In 10 languages across 6 different time zones, our support organization provides fantastic  opportunities to meet our customers’ needs nearly around then clock and around the world. The employees in the support organization often have an engineering degree and many years of industry experience, and are highly appreciated by our customers for the high level of expertise and feeling for service – which is naturally one of our greatest competitive advantages.

30 contacts per day is the average for a sales representative at IAR Systems. Our sales staff is spread over a wide geographical area and has relationship-building as its foremost skill. The sales methods vary with the local culture, but the sales process is the same for all. To meet our customers’ high demands on technical knowhow and to provide maximum service, our sales force works in close collaboration with our Field Application Engineers (FAE). A FAE has a background as an engineer with long experience in the industry, in combination with a certain level of sales experience, and works in the borderland between sales and technology. Our sales process and customer treatment are important competitive advantages for the company and in 2013 we have worked to train our sales staff in process, products and customer treatment. In 2014 we will take the next step in this training.