Chameleon Debugger™

JTAGjet comes with the Chameleon Debugger, a high-end, full-featured, multi-core debugger that handles single and multi-CPU debugging.

Key Features*

  • Easy and intuitive hardware breakpoint settings with full support for all ARM debug capabilities
  • Choice of hardware or software breakpoints in source window
  • Access to variables, registers and peripherals in run-time
  • Integrated co-processor support
  • Automatic switching between ARM and ARM Thumb mode
  • Integrated CodeScope profiling analysis tool
  • Integrated flash programming utilities
  • Integrated homogeneous and heterogeneous multi-core debug support (up to 16-CPUs at a time)
  • Access to all registers and peripherals with bit-fields and grouping
  • Easy register customizations (adding, grouping, bit-fields)
  • Step into, step out and step over functions in C/C++ and Assembly
  • Full CPU control and validation of program execution using powerful macro language
  • Real-Time Embedded Trace support
  • Remote debugging over TCP/IP networks
  • Full CPU control and validation of program execution using powerful macro language
  • Definable hot-keys and macros for actions performed frequently
  • Multiple memory, source, watch, locals, command and other windows
  • Drag and drop of variables, functions and addresses
  • Mouse fly-by display shows variables and registers
  • Virtual I/O access to the host console and file system in run-time
  • Access to debugger and target from external plug-ins (DLL or EXE)
  • Full GUI remote debugging over TCP/IP networks
  • Command level remote debugging over TELNET (may be used with PDAs and notebooks without the debugger)
  • RTOS visibility via dedicated plug-in window
  • Full set of testing programs included

*Please note that some of the features are available as optional add-ons.