IAR Embedded Workbench for TI MSP430

IAR Embedded Workbench supports the CC430, FRxx, 1xx, G2xx, 2xx, 3xx, 4xx, 5xx, and 6xx families of MSP430 microcontrollers.

The latest version of this product, version 6.20, includes support for new devices, sampled graphs in C-SPY, Advanced Cycle Counter and smaller math functions. See more in product news


Key components:

  • Integrated development environment with project management tools and editor
  • Highly optimizing C and C++ compiler for MSP430
  • Automatic checking of MISRA C rules (MISRA-C:2004)
  • Configuration files for all MSP430 devices
  • FET debugger support
  • Power debugging to visualize power consumption in correlation with source code
  • Run-time libraries
  • Relocating MSP430 assembler
  • Linker and librarian tools
  • C-SPY debugger with MSP430 simulator and support for RTOS-aware debugging on hardware
  • Example projects for MSP430 and code templates
  • User and reference guides in PDF format
  • Context-sensitive online help

Chip-specific support:

  • Position-independent code and read-only data
  • Support for the hardware multiplier peripheral module
  • Intrinsic functions support power-down modes
  • Support for TI's msp430-txt output format
  • TI ULP Advisor™ Software integrated

Hardware debugging support:

  • C-SPY FET debugger support for all TI’s FET modules
  • Automatic flash download
  • Support for the Enhanced Emulation Module gives trace and sequencing functionality
  • Connection via USB port
    - USB FET interface
    - Olimex USB
    - Elprotronic USB-FPA
    - Support for Spy-Bi-Wire (2-Wire) and 4-wire JTAG protocols

RTOS support:

Built-in plugins for

  • OSEK Run Time Interface (ORTI)
  • Segger embOS
  • Micrium uC/OS-III 
  • Micrium µC/OS-II
  • CMX
  • OpenRTOS
  • SafeRTOS
  • FreeRTOS

Each RTOS plugin installs a number of new windows in C-SPY, most importantly the task or thread list windows where task-specific breakpoints can be specified and task-specific steps executed. Different inspector windows display the contents of the internal data structures of the RTOS such as timers, queues, semaphores, resources and mailboxes.

Supported devices:

IAR Embedded Workbench supports the following devices:

CC430 familyCC430F5123
CC430 familyCC430F5125
CC430 familyCC430F5133
CC430 familyCC430F5135
CC430 familyCC430F5137
CC430 familyCC430F5143
CC430 familyCC430F5145
CC430 familyCC430F5147
CC430 familyCC430F6125
CC430 familyCC430F6126
CC430 familyCC430F6127
CC430 familyCC430F6135
CC430 familyCC430F6137
CC430 familyCC430F6143
CC430 familyCC430F6145
CC430 familyCC430F6147
FGxx family MSP430FG6425
FGxx family MSP430FG6426
FGxx family MSP430FG6625
FGxx family MSP430FG6626
FRxx family MSP430FR2032
FRxx family MSP430FR2033
FRxx family MSP430FR4131
FRxx family MSP430FR4132
FRxx family MSP430FR4133
FRxx family MSP430FR5720
FRxx family MSP430FR5721
FRxx family MSP430FR5722
FRxx family MSP430FR5723
FRxx family MSP430FR5724
FRxx family MSP430FR5725
FRxx family MSP430FR5726
FRxx family MSP430FR5727
FRxx family MSP430FR5728
FRxx family MSP430FR5729
FRxx family MSP430FR5730
FRxx family MSP430FR5731
FRxx family MSP430FR5732
FRxx family MSP430FR5733
FRxx family MSP430FR5734
FRxx family MSP430FR5735
FRxx family MSP430FR5736
FRxx family MSP430FR5737
FRxx family MSP430FR5738
FRxx family MSP430FR5739
FRxx family MSP430FR5847
FRxx family MSP430FR58471
FRxx family MSP430FR5848
FRxx family MSP430FR5849
FRxx family MSP430FR5857
FRxx family MSP430FR5858
FRxx family MSP430FR5859
FRxx family MSP430FR5867
FRxx family MSP430FR58671
FRxx family MSP430FR5868
FRxx family MSP430FR5869
FRxx family MSP430FR5887
FRxx family MSP430FR58871
FRxx family MSP430FR5888
FRxx family MSP430FR58881
FRxx family MSP430FR5889
FRxx family MSP430FR58891
FRxx family MSP430FR5947
FRxx family MSP430FR59471
FRxx family MSP430FR5948
FRxx family MSP430FR5949
FRxx family MSP430FR5957
FRxx family MSP430FR5958
FRxx family MSP430FR5959
FRxx family MSP430FR5967
FRxx family MSP430FR5968
FRxx family MSP430FR5969
FRxx family MSP430FR59691
FRxx family MSP430FR5986
FRxx family MSP430FR5987
FRxx family MSP430FR59871
FRxx family MSP430FR5988
FRxx family MSP430FR59881
FRxx family MSP430FR5989
FRxx family MSP430FR59891
FRxx family MSP430FR6877
FRxx family MSP430FR68771
FRxx family MSP430FR6879
FRxx family MSP430FR68791
FRxx family MSP430FR6887
FRxx family MSP430FR68871
FRxx family MSP430FR6888
FRxx family MSP430FR68881
FRxx family MSP430FR6889
FRxx family MSP430FR68891
FRxx family MSP430FR6927
FRxx family MSP430FR69271
FRxx family MSP430FR6928
FRxx family MSP430FR6977
FRxx family MSP430FR69771
FRxx family MSP430FR6979
FRxx family MSP430FR69791
FRxx family MSP430FR6987
FRxx family MSP430FR69871
FRxx family MSP430FR6988
FRxx family MSP430FR69881
FRxx family MSP430FR6989
FRxx family MSP430FR69891
G2xx familyMSP430G2001
G2xx familyMSP430G2101
G2xx familyMSP430G2102
G2xx familyMSP430G2111
G2xx familyMSP430G2112
G2xx familyMSP430G2113
G2xx familyMSP430G2121
G2xx familyMSP430G2131
G2xx familyMSP430G2132
G2xx familyMSP430G2152
G2xx familyMSP430G2153
G2xx familyMSP430G2201
G2xx familyMSP430G2202
G2xx familyMSP430G2203
G2xx familyMSP430G2211
G2xx familyMSP430G2212
G2xx familyMSP430G2213
G2xx familyMSP430G2221
G2xx familyMSP430G2230
G2xx familyMSP430G2231
G2xx familyMSP430G2232
G2xx familyMSP430G2233
G2xx familyMSP430G2252
G2xx familyMSP430G2253
G2xx familyMSP430G2302
G2xx familyMSP430G2303
G2xx familyMSP430G2312
G2xx familyMSP430G2313
G2xx familyMSP430G2332
G2xx familyMSP430G2333
G2xx familyMSP430G2352
G2xx familyMSP430G2353
G2xx familyMSP430G2402
G2xx familyMSP430G2403
G2xx familyMSP430G2412
G2xx familyMSP430G2413
G2xx familyMSP430G2432
G2xx familyMSP430G2433
G2xx familyMSP430G2444
G2xx familyMSP430G2452
G2xx familyMSP430G2453
G2xx familyMSP430G2513
G2xx familyMSP430G2533
G2xx familyMSP430G2544
G2xx familyMSP430G2553
G2xx familyMSP430G2744
G2xx familyMSP430G2755
G2xx familyMSP430G2855
G2xx familyMSP430G2955
Ixx familyMSP430I2020
Ixx familyMSP430I2021
Ixx familyMSP430I2030
Ixx familyMSP430I2031
Ixx familyMSP430I2040
Ixx familyMSP430I2041
SLxx familyMSP430SL5438A
x0xx familyMSP430C091
x0xx familyMSP430C092
x0xx familyMSP430L092
1xx familyMSP430C111
1xx familyMSP430C1111
1xx familyMSP430C112
1xx familyMSP430C1121
1xx familyMSP430C1331
1xx familyMSP430C1351
1xx familyMSP430E112
1xx familyMSP430F110
1xx familyMSP430F1101
1xx familyMSP430F1111
1xx familyMSP430F112
1xx familyMSP430F1121
1xx familyMSP430F1122
1xx familyMSP430F1132
1xx familyMSP430F122
1xx familyMSP430F1222
1xx familyMSP430F123
1xx familyMSP430F1232
1xx familyMSP430F133
1xx familyMSP430F135
1xx familyMSP430F147
1xx familyMSP430F1471
1xx familyMSP430F148
1xx familyMSP430F1481
1xx familyMSP430F149
1xx familyMSP430F1491
1xx familyMSP430F155
1xx familyMSP430F156
1xx familyMSP430F157
1xx familyMSP430F1610
1xx familyMSP430F1611
1xx familyMSP430F1612
1xx familyMSP430F167
1xx familyMSP430F168
1xx familyMSP430F169
1xx familyMSP430P112
2xx familyMSP430AFE221
2xx familyMSP430AFE222
2xx familyMSP430AFE223
2xx familyMSP430AFE231
2xx familyMSP430AFE232
2xx familyMSP430AFE233
2xx familyMSP430AFE251
2xx familyMSP430AFE252
2xx familyMSP430AFE253
2xx familyMSP430F2001
2xx familyMSP430F2002
2xx familyMSP430F2003
2xx familyMSP430F2011
2xx familyMSP430F2012
2xx familyMSP430F2013
2xx familyMSP430F2101
2xx familyMSP430F2111
2xx familyMSP430F2112
2xx familyMSP430F2121
2xx familyMSP430F2122
2xx familyMSP430F2131
2xx familyMSP430F2132
2xx familyMSP430F2232
2xx familyMSP430F2234
2xx familyMSP430F2252
2xx familyMSP430F2254
2xx familyMSP430F2272
2xx familyMSP430F2274
2xx familyMSP430F233
2xx familyMSP430F2330
2xx familyMSP430F235
2xx familyMSP430F2350
2xx familyMSP430F2370
2xx familyMSP430F2410
2xx familyMSP430F2416
2xx familyMSP430F2417
2xx familyMSP430F2418
2xx familyMSP430F2419
2xx familyMSP430F247
2xx familyMSP430F2471
2xx familyMSP430F248
2xx familyMSP430F2481
2xx familyMSP430F249
2xx familyMSP430F2491
2xx familyMSP430F2616
2xx familyMSP430F2617
2xx familyMSP430F2618
2xx familyMSP430F2619
3xx familyMSP430C311S
3xx familyMSP430C312
3xx familyMSP430C313
3xx familyMSP430C314
3xx familyMSP430C315
3xx familyMSP430C323
3xx familyMSP430C325
3xx familyMSP430C336
3xx familyMSP430C337
3xx familyMSP430E313
3xx familyMSP430E315
3xx familyMSP430E325
3xx familyMSP430E337
3xx familyMSP430P313
3xx familyMSP430P315
3xx familyMSP430P315S
3xx familyMSP430P325
3xx familyMSP430P337
4xx familyMSP430C412
4xx familyMSP430C413
4xx familyMSP430CG4616
4xx familyMSP430CG4617
4xx familyMSP430CG4618
4xx familyMSP430CG4619
4xx familyMSP430F412
4xx familyMSP430F413
4xx familyMSP430F4132
4xx familyMSP430F415
4xx familyMSP430F4152
4xx familyMSP430F417
4xx familyMSP430F423
4xx familyMSP430F423A
4xx familyMSP430F425
4xx familyMSP430F4250
4xx familyMSP430F425A
4xx familyMSP430F4260
4xx familyMSP430F427
4xx familyMSP430F4270
4xx familyMSP430F427A
4xx familyMSP430F435
4xx familyMSP430F4351
4xx familyMSP430F436
4xx familyMSP430F4361
4xx familyMSP430F437
4xx familyMSP430F4371
4xx familyMSP430F447
4xx familyMSP430F448
4xx familyMSP430F4481
4xx familyMSP430F449
4xx familyMSP430F4491
4xx familyMSP430F4616
4xx familyMSP430F46161
4xx familyMSP430F4617
4xx familyMSP430F46171
4xx familyMSP430F4618
4xx familyMSP430F46181
4xx familyMSP430F4619
4xx familyMSP430F46191
4xx familyMSP430F47126
4xx familyMSP430F47127
4xx familyMSP430F47163
4xx familyMSP430F47166
4xx familyMSP430F47167
4xx familyMSP430F47173
4xx familyMSP430F47176
4xx familyMSP430F47177
4xx familyMSP430F47183
4xx familyMSP430F47186
4xx familyMSP430F47187
4xx familyMSP430F47193
4xx familyMSP430F47196
4xx familyMSP430F47197
4xx familyMSP430F477
4xx familyMSP430F478
4xx familyMSP430F4783
4xx familyMSP430F4784
4xx familyMSP430F479
4xx familyMSP430F4793
4xx familyMSP430F4794
4xx familyMSP430FE423
4xx familyMSP430FE4232
4xx familyMSP430FE423A
4xx familyMSP430FE4242
4xx familyMSP430FE425
4xx familyMSP430FE4252
4xx familyMSP430FE425A
4xx familyMSP430FE427
4xx familyMSP430FE4272
4xx familyMSP430FE427A
4xx familyMSP430FG4250
4xx familyMSP430FG4260
4xx familyMSP430FG4270
4xx familyMSP430FG437
4xx familyMSP430FG438
4xx familyMSP430FG439
4xx familyMSP430FG4616
4xx familyMSP430FG4617
4xx familyMSP430FG4618
4xx familyMSP430FG4619
4xx familyMSP430FG477
4xx familyMSP430FG478
4xx familyMSP430FG479
4xx familyMSP430FW423
4xx familyMSP430FW425
4xx familyMSP430FW427
4xx familyMSP430FW428
4xx familyMSP430FW429
5xx familyMSP430BT5190
5xx familyMSP430F5131
5xx familyMSP430F5132
5xx familyMSP430F5151
5xx familyMSP430F5152
5xx familyMSP430F5171
5xx familyMSP430F5172
5xx familyMSP430F5212
5xx familyMSP430F5213
5xx familyMSP430F5214
5xx familyMSP430F5217
5xx familyMSP430F5218
5xx familyMSP430F5219
5xx familyMSP430F5222
5xx familyMSP430F5223
5xx familyMSP430F5224
5xx familyMSP430F5227
5xx familyMSP430F5228
5xx familyMSP430F5229
5xx familyMSP430F5232
5xx familyMSP430F5234
5xx familyMSP430F5237
5xx familyMSP430F5239
5xx familyMSP430F5242
5xx familyMSP430F5244
5xx familyMSP430F5247
5xx familyMSP430F5249
5xx familyMSP430F5252
5xx familyMSP430F5253
5xx familyMSP430F5254
5xx familyMSP430F5255
5xx familyMSP430F5256
5xx familyMSP430F5257
5xx familyMSP430F5258
5xx familyMSP430F5259
5xx familyMSP430F5304
5xx familyMSP430F5308
5xx familyMSP430F5309
5xx familyMSP430F5310
5xx familyMSP430F5324
5xx familyMSP430F5325
5xx familyMSP430F5326
5xx familyMSP430F5327
5xx familyMSP430F5328
5xx familyMSP430F5329
5xx familyMSP430F5333
5xx familyMSP430F5335
5xx familyMSP430F5336
5xx familyMSP430F5338
5xx familyMSP430F5340
5xx familyMSP430F5341
5xx familyMSP430F5342
5xx familyMSP430F5358
5xx familyMSP430F5359
5xx familyMSP430F5418
5xx familyMSP430F5418a
5xx familyMSP430F5419
5xx familyMSP430F5419a
5xx familyMSP430F5435
5xx familyMSP430F5435a
5xx familyMSP430F5436
5xx familyMSP430F5436a
5xx familyMSP430F5437
5xx familyMSP430F5437a
5xx familyMSP430F5438
5xx familyMSP430F5438a
5xx familyMSP430F5500
5xx familyMSP430F5501
5xx familyMSP430F5502
5xx familyMSP430F5503
5xx familyMSP430F5504
5xx familyMSP430F5505
5xx familyMSP430F5506
5xx familyMSP430F5507
5xx familyMSP430F5508
5xx familyMSP430F5509
5xx familyMSP430F5510
5xx familyMSP430F5513
5xx familyMSP430F5514
5xx familyMSP430F5515
5xx familyMSP430F5517
5xx familyMSP430F5519
5xx familyMSP430F5521
5xx familyMSP430F5522
5xx familyMSP430F5524
5xx familyMSP430F5525
5xx familyMSP430F5526
5xx familyMSP430F5527
5xx familyMSP430F5528
5xx familyMSP430F5529
5xx familyMSP430F5630
5xx familyMSP430F5631
5xx familyMSP430F5632
5xx familyMSP430F5633
5xx familyMSP430F5634
5xx familyMSP430F5635
5xx familyMSP430F5636
5xx familyMSP430F5637
5xx familyMSP430F5638 
5xx familyMSP430F5658
5xx familyMSP430F5659 
6xx familyMSP430F6433
6xx familyMSP430F6435
6xx familyMSP430F6436
6xx familyMSP430F6438
6xx familyMSP430F6458
6xx familyMSP430F6459
6xx familyMSP430F6630
6xx familyMSP430F6631
6xx familyMSP430F6632
6xx familyMSP430F6633
6xx familyMSP430F6634
6xx familyMSP430F6635
6xx familyMSP430F6636
6xx familyMSP430F6637
6xx familyMSP430F6638
6xx familyMSP430F6658
6xx familyMSP430F6659
6xx familyMSP430F6720
6xx familyMSP430F6720A
6xx familyMSP430F6721
6xx familyMSP430F6721A
6xx familyMSP430F6723
6xx familyMSP430F6723A
6xx familyMSP430F6724
6xx familyMSP430F6724A
6xx familyMSP430F6725
6xx familyMSP430F6725A
6xx familyMSP430F6726
6xx familyMSP430F6726A
6xx familyMSP430F6730
6xx familyMSP430F6730A
6xx familyMSP430F6731
6xx familyMSP430F6731A
6xx familyMSP430F6733
6xx familyMSP430F6733A
6xx familyMSP430F6734
6xx familyMSP430F6734A
6xx familyMSP430F6735
6xx familyMSP430F6735A
6xx familyMSP430F6736
6xx familyMSP430F6736A
6xx familyMSP430F6745
6xx familyMSP430F6745A
6xx familyMSP430F67451
6xx familyMSP430F67451A
6xx familyMSP430F6746
6xx familyMSP430F6746A
6xx familyMSP430F67461
6xx familyMSP430F67461A
6xx familyMSP430F6747
6xx familyMSP430F6747A
6xx familyMSP430F67471
6xx familyMSP430F67471A
6xx familyMSP430F6748
6xx familyMSP430F6748A
6xx familyMSP430F67481
6xx familyMSP430F67481A
6xx familyMSP430F6749
6xx familyMSP430F6749A
6xx familyMSP430F67491
6xx familyMSP430F67491A
6xx familyMSP430F67621
6xx familyMSP430F67621A
6xx familyMSP430F67641
6xx familyMSP430F67641A
6xx familyMSP430F6765
6xx familyMSP430F6765A
6xx familyMSP430F67651
6xx familyMSP430F67651A
6xx familyMSP430F6766
6xx familyMSP430F6766A
6xx familyMSP430F67661
6xx familyMSP430F67661A
6xx familyMSP430F6767
6xx familyMSP430F6767A
6xx familyMSP430F67671
6xx familyMSP430F67671A
6xx familyMSP430F6768
6xx familyMSP430F6768A
6xx familyMSP430F67681
6xx familyMSP430F67681A
6xx familyMSP430F6769
6xx familyMSP430F6769A
6xx familyMSP430F67691
6xx familyMSP430F67691A
6xx familyMSP430F6775
6xx familyMSP430F6775A
6xx familyMSP430F67751
6xx familyMSP430F67751A
6xx familyMSP430F6776
6xx familyMSP430F6776A
6xx familyMSP430F67761
6xx familyMSP430F67761A
6xx familyMSP430F6777
6xx familyMSP430F6777A
6xx familyMSP430F67771
6xx familyMSP430F67771A
6xx familyMSP430F6778
6xx familyMSP430F6778A
6xx familyMSP430F67781
6xx familyMSP430F67781A
6xx familyMSP430F6779
6xx familyMSP430F6779A
6xx familyMSP430F67791
6xx familyMSP430F67791A

Note: Our partners frequently release new devices and the latest ones may not be listed here. We continually add support to new devices. Please contact IAR Systems to find out whether your new device is already supported or when it will become available.