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As a market leader, IAR Systems always strives to be the preferred choice for the most talented and competent employees and managers in the industry. The company’s success also lies in utilizing the strengths and individual of the existing competencies, and continuously promoting personal development and well being by offering new challenges for the employees.

Company and employees in numbers

86 % with university degree

Around 86% of our employees hold a degree from a university or technical institute.

64 developers

More than 60 people work with development of IAR Systems’ products and technology at our offices in Uppsala and Camarillo, Los Angeles.

800 man years of product experience

Together, IAR Systems’ developers have 800 man years of experience with the current version of IAR Embedded Workbench. On the average, every developer has worked for the company for more than 10 years.

10 languages

In 10 languages across 6 different time zones, our support organization is available to meet customer needs nearly around the clock and around the world.

30 contacts per day

30 contacts per day is the average for a sales representative at IAR Systems. Our sales staff is spread over a wide geographical area and has relationship-building as its foremost skill.

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