IAR Systems Americas

From our four offices in San Francicso, Los Angeles, Dallas and Boston, our US teams are ready to serve our customers in the Americas.


Developing Key Markets in the Americas


We fundamentally understand that although we are a leading technology company, we still believe it's a business of people doing business with people - try it, call us and you will get a live voice.  It is great to see that as we grow the US organization together, who we should be is a natural progression of who we are.

The corporation is tightly bound and in constant communication regardless of where you sit in the globe. All departments in the company have eager ears to hear our customers' needs no matter from how far, whether requested from United States, Canada, or Latin America.  This leads to a well-founded roadmap with expectation to capitalize on new horizons.  Already having established customers in every vertical, we are well positioned to focus and develop in key markets in the Americas as they expand, such as automotive.

Rich D'Souza
Country Manager, IAR Systems US

US HR Manager Jennifer Saetern

You are always welcome to send an email of interest to HR Manager Jennifer Saetern 

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