Technical Support Engineer, Seoul, Korea

“Global company with industry-leading technology looks for an ‘IAR PRO’ who wants to grow together and have work-life balance. Will you join us?”


About IAR Systems

IAR Systems Korea is a wholly owned subsidiary of IAR Systems Group, who started business in Korea in 2008, and opened their own office in Seoul in 2011. IAR Systems Korea is not only responsible for all of Korea's business but also has a lot of influence on the global team.

IAR Systems is a truly global company at the top of our industry, providing world-leading software for building embedded applications for more than 35 years. We supply the tools and services that make embedded systems development fast, efficient and reliable, enabling our customers worldwide to deliver better products to their markets faster. IAR Systems Group AB is listed on NASDAQ OMX Stockholm. For more information, please visit

Why IAR?

IAR Systems has grown steadily and is seeking to expand its customer base through global expansion. In addition to Europe and the Americas, it is anticipating the growth potential in the Asian region in coming years. Based on our products and services with the leading technology, IAR Systems Korea is striving to lead the transformation of the embedded system and secure a larger market position locally. The market in Korea will grow bigger and bigger, and each staff in Korea grows and develops together with the company.

Our Vision

  • Profitable Growth: We provide customer value through user friendliness, reliability and quality. Through customer relationships and customer loyalty (above 95%) with a tailored business model, we generate more profit continuously. Especially in Korea, the automotive/medical and IoT security markets are growing recently, and we will grow together with specialized technology and support.
  • Shared Growth: The driving force behind IAR Systems’ results is employees, and the growth of people drives the growth of technology and innovation of services. We will share the world that IAR Systems has transformed with technology, our lives, the technology and the growth stories of our employees, and work with our employee community.
  • Relations: The digital technology and IoT is driving market growth. This is the fundamental driving force behind the embedded market, and IAR Systems, the industry leader, is expanding rapidly with new and existing customer/partner segments. And with the introduction of new security solutions, the potential in the market is predicted to grow. To actively establish close cooperation with the most important players in the market will create long-term customer value and a unique market position.

Our Culture

  • Equal opportunities are given and performance is evaluated fairly
  • A horizontal organizational culture, as oppposed to a hierarchical title system, “IAR PRO” is the unified title for all employees of Korea office
  • Everyone can work, learn and grow. IAR Systems fully support the development of the individual, and share the employee's future plans together to help them achieve their dreams
  • Great Work Place (GWP Program):  Korea office is operating employee friendly program for enjoying daily work. There are various members’ activities such as:
    i) Quota club (Award travel for good performers)
    ii) Monthly team building program
    iii) Regular workshops
    iv) FIKA (Swedish social gathering)
    v) Extensive holiday

Employee Portrait: Become of us!

Each employee at IAR Systems Korea is responsible in their unique role, leadaing the team forward. It's a work environment where everyone can take initiative and where personal development and growth of the company is closely connected.

Read to our staff testimonials, and come and experience for yourself!

“It is fantastic that I can always learn the skills from world-leading technology and collaborate with many global partners. Of course, it is fun to be able to help many developers with my skills as well as my growth.”  - James Lee, Field Application Engineer

“The meaning of administrator in IAR Systems is totally different in other companies. I can make changes of processes and improve the business cycles. We are not supporting IAR teams behind, but we run on the front line.”  - Jihee Park, Administrator

“My daily routine is meeting with customers and hears feedbacks from them to make our products better. I always think about the roadmap of our company. I am so proud of myself as an IAR Account Sales!”  - Gibbum Lee, Account manager

“Seeing the potential for development, I have decided to join IAR Systems. All staffs are warm and friendly, and the global organization is working well together. I am very exciting to work here for the future.”   - Chris Lin, Account manager

"In my role I’m working internationally, with world-leading technology, and in a friendly and generous working environment. After all these years, I still enjoy being at IAR Systems!"  - Susanne Dahlén, Director of Engineering 

Role and Responsibilities

This position will be responsible to leading of engineering work that can add value to technology for develop local business. You will work to add quality to many activities for local business with our technologies. For example, seminars, technical training, technical support, etc. you also develop technical materials for our global customers and partners. You will co-work with local Sales, Marketing and other relevant team as well as co-work with global colleagues as a member of Global Team. You can understand trends not only locally but also globally. With you high technical skill set, build long-term goals for IAR Systems Korea while building up plan that meets local business and technical objectives. The followings are functional activities.

  • Leading of Engineering Team (FAE/Technical Support/IT)
  • Communication with Global Team
  • Learn a variety of technologies and use them for business in local market
    - Create/Localize Technical materials
    - Technical Seminar, Webinar 
  • Services to improve the quality of IAR Systems products
    - Technical Support of IAR Systems products 
    - Hands-on training
  • Partnership designs for synergy with partners
  • Management of IT infrastructure in local office

Required Skills & Experiences

  • 7+ years experienced of embedded system
  • Self-driven, comfortable with a fast-paced, always-on, highly ambiguous environment
  • Skill of seamless communication and collaboration with relevant departments
    - Possess good verbal / written skills to be able to deal with people from diverse backgrounds both offline and online
  • Ability to organize, prioritize and work to tight deadlines or under pressure
  • Display initiative and problem solving ability
  • Self-directed learning and high level of understanding technology
  • Excellent presentation skills
  • Motivated for self-growth

Preferred Skills& Experiences

  • Min. 1 year staying experience in abroad
  • Experienced or understood the embedded software development process
    - Professional knowledge of SW Development tools
    - Skill set of C/C++ programming
    - Experience of using RTOS & Handing MCU/MPU
  • Team leader experience in organizational management
  • Professional knowledge of Embedded Software Testing / Validation / Security

English Proficiency Level

  High     H.Middle   L.Middle   Low


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