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Maxtrack_logoStandardization and portability are key differentials of IAR Embedded Workbench

Maxtrack Industrial Ltda, founded in 1999, was the first company of the MXT Group mainly active within the development and production of vehicle tracking systems. Its constant focus on quality and diverse product portfolio helped the company get noted beyond the borders of Brazil, with operation in North America, Latin America, Asia and Europe.Maxtrack_product

The MXT Group is located in Minas Gerais, Brazil, and has two other business units in addition to Maxtrack Industrial.

"When Maxtrack started developing equipment, IAR Systems provided premium support without considering the fact that the sales potential was limited at that time," says Vinicius Bernardi, Engineer Director, Maxtrack. "This helped us become successful and when Maxtrack grew, IAR Systems was always present. Thanks to the fact that IAR Embedded Workbench is always up-to-date with support for the most recent microcontrollers and the VIP support we received, we were capable of porting the same product to different microcontrollers. This makes us more competitive and allows us to better negotiate our costs."

The standardization and the portability are key differentials of IAR Embedded Workbench and help Maxtrack to improve their competitiveness and substantially reduce the time-to-market.

Maxtrack_product Maxtrack_product

A fragmented market demands technological edge

The tracking systems market is very fragmented and to ensure success you must be aligned with new technology. To be able to adopt new microcontrollers with new features as soon as possible is a critical factor for success. This is a challenge Maxtrack has faced, and IAR Systems is a great facilitator through its standardization that lets the company use the same ecosystem of tools for working with multiple platforms while keeping the code stable and functional.

"Today, we work with different devices such as MSP430, 8051, ARM7 and Cortex-M and we have different hardware versions of the same equipment running the same code," comments Bernardi. "This is possible thanks to the possibility of reusing code in IAR Embedded Workbench. We invest a lot in R&D and have a very professional engineering team and by using the right tools we are succeeding and gaining important competitive advantages."

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