Telemotive AG

Our tools help Telemotive AG to manage complex priorities and animations

Telemotive is a renowned automotive supplier of engineering services as well as data loggers, electronics for laboratory set-ups, and test tools. The company’s core competencies are HMI, Connectivity and Infotainment.

Andreas Haager, Telemotive comments:

“Our main challenge before purchasing products from IAR Systems was to manage very complex priorities and animations in HMI systems. IAR Visual State provides us with a powerful graphical tool that handles these priorities and delivers fast and reliable executions on embedded systems.”

Telemotive uses IAR Visual State mostly for instrument clusters, especially for controlling animations, scene switching and user inputs. Their customers in this area include, for example, BMW and Bosch. 

“We have several state machines (thus different instruments) in the magnitude up to 3800 states, 16210 transitions, 2300 events, 7700 signals, and 750 actionfunctions. With IAR Visual State, we can bring order into these complex designs.”

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