Arm TechCon 2019

It was great to see you at Arm TechCon

October 8-10, 2019  |  San Jose Convention Center  |  Booth 740

Thank you for seeing us at ArmTechCon this year!

Whether you attended one or several of our seminars or if you came by one of our booths for a demo and a chat, we appreciate that you took the time.

We hope that you enjoyed our semniars and maybe learned something new. Here you can download the presentations from our seminars! Please, make sure to contact us should you have any questions or to get a quote!

Tuesday, Oct 8

9:00 am - 09:50 am

How to Build a Secure IoT Device – a Developers’ Perspective

Clive Watts, Product Manager, Secure Thingz

1:30 pm – 2:20 pm

Automotive Security Meets Safety 

Stephan Spitz, CSO, Secure Thingz


3:30 pm – 4:20 pm 

Are You Using All the Debugging Functionality of TrustZone Devices?

Aaron Bauch, FAE, IAR Systems

3:30 pm – 4:20 pm

Securing the IoT Supply Chain with Integrated SoC Security

Clive Watts, Product Manager, Secure Thingz

Wednesday, Oct 9

11:30 am – 12:20 pm

Security Legislation and the Impact on IoT

Haydn Povey, Founder and CEO, Secure Thingz 


1:30 pm – 2:20 pm

Should I Use Modern C18/C++17 in my next design?

Aaron Bauch, FAE, IAR Systems


2:30 pm – 3:20 pm

Continuous Code Inspection

Zulfi Zamindar, FAE, IAR Systems


3:30 pm – 4:20 pm

Practical Assistance for Validating your Automotive Application

Shawn Prestridge, Senior FAE, IAR Systems

4:30 pm – 5:20 pm

Mastering the Challenge of Multicore SoC Debugging

Aaron Bauch, FAE, IAR Systems


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