IAR Systems and the IoT revolution

IAR Systems’ products facilitate IoT development through high performance, smart functionality, global support and a safety-certified offering.

For many people and companies, the Internet of Things and the connected world have already changed and improved life in numerous ways, and the market is facing a huge further growth. IAR Systems enables the Internet of Things and innovation in this field by linking products and technologies. If you are already a C/C++ embedded developer, you will become a part of the force having to meet the increased demand for smart products including embedded systems. And if you are a developer currently working on some type of IoT-related development in languages other than C/C++, you might need to start working with products containing embedded systems. Either way, IAR Systems’ products will help you succeed!

✔ Rapid development of IoT devices
✔ High-quality
✔ Secure
✔ Safe
✔ Communication Stacks
✔ Device support
✔ Optimized code

The Internet of Things and the enormous quantity of information that can be obtained from objects and people makes it possible to create smart, attractive and helpful goods and services, but the IoT also involves a number of security aspects. As more and more data is collected from both machines and humans, the most important question is how to manage and store sensitive and functional data. Other potential issues include for example the design of automatic processes. Stable technical solutions combined with awareness are keys in solving these challenges.

adidas selects IAR Systems for development of smart personal physiological system

adidas AG in Germany has used IAR Systems’ IAR Embedded Workbench to develop exactly the adidas miCoach Elite Team System – the first system of its kind that uses personal physiological data in real time. The system measures and analyzes players’ physiological data and transmits it directly, for example, to the coach on the side-line. This provides the coach with good insight into player performance and work rate. The system has already been used by several football clubs around the world. In addition to the miCoach project, adidas has used software from IAR Systems in other development projects for several years. Read more

IAR Connect – our portal for the Internet of Things

IAR Connect is a portal that displays development platforms and alliances within the Internet of Things. The portal also serves as a meeting place for people interested in the Internet of Things and emerging technologies that are rapidly advancing.

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