Compiler and Linker Developer to IAR Systems

Are you a skilled C++ programmer that want to thrive and further deepen your knowledge in a team with endless research opportunities? We’re looking for a software engineer to join our Translator team. Apply today!

Who are we: 

Welcome to IAR, a knowledge-intense and value-driven truly global company at the top of our industry. We have been providing world-leading software for building embedded applications for close to 40 years, and today over 150,000 developers are using our software. We supply the tools and services that make embedded systems development fast, efficient, and reliable, enabling our customers worldwide to deliver better products to their markets faster.

Job descriptions

As a Software engineer in the Translator technology team, you will primarily focus on development of linkers and compiler backends. We are a team that has extensive experience in this area. If you are rather new to this, we will be able to support you to grow. If you on the other hand are very experienced in the area, that same team will be able to meet and challenge you on everything from algorithms to intricate details.

The linkers role in a C/C++ environment is evolving with whole program optimization and other link-time optimizations. This may very well be your future playground! You will also be working on the development of our compiler backends, for different target processor architectures. This work focuses much on the development of highly optimized support for new language- and processor features. Together with the team, you will also handle maintenance of our products.

To fit into this role we believe you are very interested in the development of compilers and/or linkers, that you find optimization algorithms a treat and you miss the company of others like you. You prefer collaboration and want to share your ideas with others. You enjoy working towards goals where you together with the team define how to get there. You take pride in your work and have the courage to try new things.


  • A bachelor or master’s degree in Engineering, Computer Science, related field, or equivalent experience.
  • 2+ years of experience of professional software development, or equivalent experience
  • Manages English with full work proficiency

Extra credits for:

  • Experience of linkers, object file formats or debug information
  • PHD in a relevant area (e.g. programming languages, link-time optimizations)
  • Implementation of programming languages
  • Experience working with compilers or other programming language tools
  • Experience from analyzing assembler code
  • Being inquisitive, inventive and curious

We are looking for team members that have the drive, ambition, and ability to not be restricted by instructions and have an inventive mindset. We put great emphasis on personal qualifications, and we encourage all qualified individuals to apply!


Interested in this position?

We recommend that you submit immediately as we make a continuous selection. We look forward to receiving your application!

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