Technical Support & Field Application Engineer

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Location: Seoul, Korea

About the role

We are looking for the engineer who can make efforts to improve the value of IAR Systems' products based on the best technology. Today, we are 2 sales, 1 operational manager, and 1 engineer in Korea and we want to add technology to create a great balance in the team. You will be the perfect 5th member to increase the value of technology and quality of the Korean team.
This position will be responsible for introducing our technology’s value to potential customers as well as providing high quality pre and post sales technical support to new and existing customers. The local engineering work tasks include the following functional activities:

  • Technical Support & Field Application Engineer (Engineering team)
  • Communication with Global Team
  • Learn a variety of technologies and use them for business in local market
    • Create/localize technical materials
    • Produce technical seminars, webinars
  • Services to improve the quality of IAR Systems’ products
    • Technical Support to the customers
    • Hands-on training for customers
  • Management of IT infrastructure in local office


To succeed in this role, we believe you are experienced in the embedded systems field, tasks and responsibilities. The following are the requirements for the role:

  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • 7+ years of experience of embedded systems.
  • Self-driven, comfortable with a fast-paced, always-on, highly ambiguous environment.
  • Skill of seamless communication and collaboration with relevant stakeholders.
  • Ability to organize, prioritize and work to tight deadlines or under pressure.
  • Display initiative and problem solving ability.
  • Self-directed learning and high level of understanding
  • Excellent presentation skills.

IAR Systems is a global company in a worldwide market, thus you need to possess strong communication skills (both verbal and written) and be able to deal with people from diverse backgrounds both face to face and on the telephone.

English Proficiency Level

  High H.Middle L.Middle Low


It is a bonus but not a requirement if you also bring any of the following:

  • Experience of living abroad.
  • Understanding of or experience in the embedded software development process.
  • Professional knowledge of software development tools.
  • Skill set of C/C++ programming.
  • Experience of using RTOS & Handing MCU/MPU.
  • Team leader experience in organizational management.
  • Professional knowledge of embedded software testing / validation / security

About the company

IAR Systems is a truly global company at the top of our industry, providing world-leading software for building embedded applications for more than 35 years. We supply the tools and services that make embedded systems development fast, efficient and reliable, enabling our customers worldwide to deliver better products to their markets faster. Working with us, you will be part of a dedicated team of more than 200 employees worldwide, all proudly working together to provide the most competitive customer solutions. IAR Systems Group AB is listed on NASDAQ OMX Stockholm.

IAR Systems Korea Co., Ltd. is a Korean subsidiary of the IAR Systems Group, selling IAR Systems’ products to the domestic embedded systems market. We opened our office in Seoul in 2012, and have been developing business in Korea since then. Our customers are located across the entire globe and in a number of different industries, from world famous companies to small companies. Our aim is to grow our business in the embedded systems segment in the Korea market. Come join us!

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What are we offering?

With IAR Systems you will get to be part of a multi-cultural and global business in a fast-growing industry. We are welcoming, open to new ideas, and take pride in our achievements. We work together as a team, in each specific office as well as globally. We are problem-solvers and take on new challenges with excitement and energy. This is why we will place great emphasis on your personal qualities and their alignment with our values.

IAR Systems Korea has a sustainable and scalable business based on a good team vision and team culture. Our success in the market is based on our ability to understand customers' needs, and our flexibility which enables us to quickly respond to changes in the market. We have a good culture that aims to be horizontal, giving everyone a fair opportunity, and connects individual development to team development. This is a good foundation for realizing our vision.

Our Vision

  • Profitable Growth
    We provide customer value through user friendliness, reliability and quality. Through customer relationships and customer loyalty (above 95%) with a tailored business model, we generate more profit continuously. Especially in Korea, the automotive market and IoT security market are growing recently, and we will grow together with specialized technology and support.
  • Shared Growth
    The driving force behind IAR Systems’ results is our employees, and the growth of people drives the growth of technology and innovation of services. We will share the world that IAR Systems has transformed with technology, we will share the technology and the growth stories of our employees, and work with our employee community.
  • Relations
    The digital technology and IoT is driving market growth. This is the fundamental driving force behind the embedded market, and IAR Systems, the industry leader, is expanding rapidly with new and existing customer/partners segments. With the introduction of our new security solutions, the potential in the market is predicted higher. Actively establishing close cooperation with the most important players in the market will create long-term customer value and a unique market position.

Our Culture

  • Equal opportunities are given and performance is evaluated fairly.
  • A horizontal organizational culture. Instead of a hierarchical title system.
  • Everyone can work and learn and grow. IAR Systems fully supports the development of the individual, and share the employee's future plans together to help them achieve their dreams.
  • Great Work Place (GWP Program): The Korea office is operating a program for enjoying your daily work. There are various members’ activities such as i) Quota club (Award travel for good performers), ii) Monthly team building program, iii) Regular workshops, iv) FIKA (Swedish social gathering) and v) Intensive holiday system (max. 2 weeks at once).

Employee Portrait: Become part of us.

In our organization, every co-worker’s individual role is very important in the big picture. Each employee is responsible for their unique part of the team as a whole. It's a work environment where personal development and growth of the company work together.

Listen to our staff, and come and experience for yourself!

“The meaning of administrator in IAR Systems is totally different in other companies. I can make changes of processes and improve the business cycles. We are not supporting IAR teams from behind, but we run on the front line.” – Jihee Park, Account Manager, Korea

“It is fantastic that I can always learn the skills from world-leading technology and collaborate with many global partners. Of course, it is fun to be able to help many developers with my skills as well as my growth.” – James Lee, Account Manager, Korea

“Seeing the potential for development, I have decided to join IAR Systems. All colleagues are warm and friendly, and the global organization is working well together. I am very exciting to work here for the future."  – Chris Lin, Account manager, Taiwan

"In my role I’m working internationally, with world-leading technology, and in a friendly and generous working environment. After all these years, I still enjoy being at IAR Systems!" – Susanne Dahlén, Director of Engineering, Sweden


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