Automotive Applications

Future proof your applications

We help you meet the increased demands for safer systems and driving, cleaner transportation, advanced vehicle features, and much more.

The foundation is the ensured code quality that our tools deliver, giving you safe and fast applications delivered on time.

Certified for Functional safety

We provide certified versions of IAR Embedded Workbench for ARM and for Renesas RX, RL78 and RH850.

We help Elmos generating quality software

Elmos designs and manufactures semiconductors for automotive and industrial applications. We solve their challenge of how to generate quality software by providing a reliable toolchain.

IAR Embedded Workbench for automotive-focused MCUs

Helps to manage complex priorities and animations

IAR Visual State provides Telemotive AG with a powerful graphical tool that helps them delivering fast and reliable executions on embedded systems.

easier testing and maintenance with variant handling

Design variations can be a big challenge in automotive applications, especially since the amount of software in modern cars continues to increase. Learn how IAR Visual State can help you in this!

Where we are in automotive

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