Everything starts with code quality

Everything starts with code quality

Having high-quality products with great customer experience combined with products being launched on time and within budget might seem like an impossible equation. But it doesn’t have to be. All this can be achieved through clear focus on code quality, because everything starts at the source: the code.

At IAR Systems, we care about code. We've been dealing with how to ensure code quality since the start of the company. During the rest of 2020, we will explore this even further together with you and guide through the different aspects of it. Start your learning journey here and now!

Safety coding techniques for your application

The modernization of programming languages and the importance of better coding techniques is directly related to the evolution from mechanical computers to modern software development processes. We moved from a highly specialized, mostly mathematical, notation to high-level programming language close to human syntax [1], which was made possible by compiler technologies but it opened up the door to defects. High-level programming languages like C and C++ contain a huge number of undefined behaviors which various compilers can interpret slightly differently; this can cause unknown or unwanted side effects which will translate into defects.

Hunting and fixing defects can represent up to 80 % of the development time depending of the maturity of your development organization. This brings us to the obvious conclusion that code quality is a big concern, so why not avoid the defects at all and spend less time in debugging?

As a side note, we still use the concept of “bugs” and debugging in software but the term came from the Harvard University's mechanical computers when a moth was stuck in a relay and this event was documented as the first system “bug” or defect in computer history. 

Technical articles during 2020

April: Tora Fridholm introduced you to how Everything starts with code quality. Read article

May: Shawn Prestridge shared his thoughts on Fast functional safety certification for your project. Read article

June: Shawn Prestridge guided you to why code quality matters for security in With you all the way: From higher code quality to total security. Read article

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August: Shawn Prestridge guided you in code quality through Move fast and break things? Not so fast in embedded. Read article

Now: Rafael Taubinger shares his tips and tricks for Safety coding techniques for your application.

Upcoming articles

October: Andrew Beeson will cover how you can achieve The straight-and-easy path to security in your application.

November: Clive Watts will share his thoughts on How to cover the best security practices by design.

December: Anders Holmberg will guide you in how Everything ends with code quality.

Previous articles

Move fast and break things? Not so fast in embedded

“Move fast and break things” is the approach that Mark Zuckerberg said he inculcates into the development culture at Facebook. While it sounds wonderful for getting new features up and running quickly (even if they are not perfect), it loses its luster if you try to apply that same approach to embedded development.

Shawn Prestridge guides you in how to keep the code in good quality and still be able to deliver products on time.

Back to the roots – tracing and debugging as a way to increase efficiency

Debugging embedded software is often a time-consuming activity, both in terms of chasing down a specific bug and as a general project activity. Further, as an activity, it is often an eclectic mix of desperation, perspiration and a fair bit of magical thinking.

Anders Holmberg shares his ideas on efficiency in embedded development.

With You all the Way: From Code Quality to Total Security

If software defects are the doors that hackers use, then we need to up our code quality game to address the issue. But how big of a problem is it, and what can we do to fix it?

Shawn Prestridge guides you to why code quality matters for security.

Fast functional safety certification for your project

There are many tweaks you can do to your development processes to speed your certification. But how can you ensure code quality?

Shawn Prestridge shares his thoughts on how to ensure code quality while keeping up to speed in your certification process.

Everything starts with code quality

There are actually several reasons how a focus on code quality can help you in having high-quality products launched within budget and on time.

Tora Fridholm introduces you to why everything starts with code quality.

Tips and tricks for your day-to-day development workflow

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