C-SPY SDK Documentation

C-SPY Plugin SDK for Emulators, RTOSs and Middleware

Seamless tool integration

The C-SPY Plugin SDK is designed for easy tool integration, with generic components, libraries, templates and ready-made projects. It is suitable for different types of applications such as emulator interfaces, RTOSs, TCP/IP and Network Stack. It is both flexible and scalable—you can use the SDK for seamlessly integrating small plugins with only a few features as well as for very advanced solutions with a multitude of customized dialogs or special breakpoint types.

Emulator plugins

For an emulator interface, you would typically use the C-SPY Plugin SDK to create custom features such as configuration dialogs, support for hardware breakpoints and tracing functionality. All debugging features will be coherent for the users; they will be using one integrated debugger.

RTOS Plugins

The C-SPY SDK can also be used to create RTOS kernel awareness within the C-SPY Debugger. This gives your users a unique window into the RTOS, allowing them to see the task lists and focus their debugging on a specific task, set taskspecific breakpoints and execute task-specific steps. Various “inspector windows” display the contents of the RTOS’s internal data structures, such as timers, queues, semaphores, resources and mailboxes.

Integrating with C-SPY

The C-SPY Plugin Software Development Toolkit gives you full access to the entire C-SPY Debugger functionality. The toolkit comes with extensive and well-structured documentation and examples to give you a quick start:

  • Ready-made examples
  • Templates—”insert your code here”
  • Utility modules such as general purpose windows
  • Ready-to-build sample projects
  • Step-by-step implementation recipes
  • API reference documentation in HTML format

You can minimize your development efforts by using these templates and sample projects, but you can also extend the system, for example by adding your own dialogs and breakpoint types such as trigger points and probe points.

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