• Kernel with small size (basic code size = 2.4Kbyte)
  • Windows GUI based easy Configurator tool
  • Support for various Arm Cortex-M series processors (ST, NXP, Freescale, TI, TOSHIBA, Spansion (Fujitsu), Microsemi, etc.)


  • Optimized for High-End embedded systems
  • Capability of AMP based systems
  • Support for various Arm Cortex-A series processors (Xilinx, Altera, Freescale, TI, Atmel, etc.)

Both products are based on ╬╝ITRON specifications Optional Compact middlewares (TCP/IP and Filesystem).

IAR Embedded Workbench plugin

  • Support for Cortex-M3, Arm7, Arm9
  • Dedicated status window display for each object
  • No debug agent required at target side to run plugin
  • Shows detailed state including waiting/suspend cause for non-running tasks
  • Supports Task context recognized breakpoint setup
  • Supports Task context mode debug operation
  • Display of maximum stack utilization for each Task
  • Supports runtime display of Task status
  • Example projects are available

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