IoT Bundle

Premium IoT Bundle

IAR Systems and Express Logic deliver best-of-class, safe, and secure development platform.

Buy IAR Embedded Workbench with C-STAT, and any X-Ware Platform component, and get 10% off

Buy a full license of IAR Embedded Workbench for any target, C-STAT and any X-Ware Platform component before October 1, 2016, and you'll get a 10% discount. 


Create Better Quality IoT Devices in Minimal Time

Are you working with IoT devices? Do you need a development solution for rapid creation of high-quality, secure, and safe devices? IAR Systems and Express Logic have created the perfect, best-of-class bundle for you – market leading IAR Embedded Workbench with static analysis C-STAT and any X-Ware Platform component – at a 10% discount. Our combined solution will help you create better quality IoT devices in minimal time, which will significantly increase the value of your products as well as your time to revenue. 

We have many high-profile success stories, including HTC Wearables, Broadcom's WICED IoT chipset, and most recently Renesas has based its complete Synergy processor portfolio on IAR Embedded Workbench and Express Logic's X-Ware Platform. Our combined solution is the most popular in the embedded IoT industry. Together, let’s make the IoT better!

Highly integrated with IAR Embedded Workbench, Express Logic’s X-Ware Platform is designed specifically for the most demanding IoT applications. X-Ware Platform and all X-Ware components were entirely developed in-house by Express Logic. X-Ware Platform includes RTOS (ThreadX), IPv4/IPv6 Networking (NetX and NetX Duo), FAT 16/32 and exFAT File System (FileX), USB Host/Device Classes (USBX), HMI Development and Runtime Framework (GUIX), and Graphical Real-Time Event Trace Tool (TraceX) - all developed and supported by Express Logic

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