FreeRTOS is a liberally licensed, professionally developed, commercial grade, real time kernel for microcontrollers. It is free to use in commercial products without a requirement to expose proprietary source code, and has no IP infringement risk.

Integration with IAR Embedded Workbench

  • Works with all 16 and 32 bit microcontrollers supported by IAR Systems.
  • Can be used to display a snapshot of tasks, queues, semaphores and mutexes each time the debugger is paused or single stepped.
  • Two tables can be displayed, one to show task information and the other queue, semaphore and mutex information.
  • The task table displays the address of the object (for example a queue) on which a task is blocked (if any); the object can then be viewed in the queue table.
  • The task table can optionally show the ‘high water mark' of each task stack. The closer this value is to zero the closer the task has come to overflowing its stack.
  • The task table contains one row for each displayed task, with each row containing the following task information: Name, priority (actual), base priority (assigned), top of stack, state, event object (if the task is in the Blocked state), TCB number.
  • The queue table contains one row for each registered object (queue, semaphore or mutex), with each row containing the following object information: Name, messages waiting, length, item size, address, objects waiting to send, objects waiting to receive.

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