HCC Embedded

HCC Embedded develops re-usable embedded software components for Flash, File Systems and Communications. The company is one of the leading experts in deployment of platform software independently of the processor, RTOS or peripherals used in the project.

HCC has developed an "Advanced Embedded Framework" to create consistent abstractions and interfaces to any environment. This means that engineers can easily utilize HCC middleware whether they use proprietary or commercial RTOS.


Networking: MISRA complaint IPv4 or IPv6 stack.

Flash Management: Flash Translation Layer provides logical sector based interface for any Flash device.

File Systems: FAT compatible, fail-safe, resource constrained or high speed with support for almost all known types of Flash or storage media.

USB: USB Host, Device & OTG. Extensive class driver support.

Scheduler: Advanced cooperative scheduler with full MISRA compliance.

Integration with IAR Embedded Workbench

Software components from HCC can be integrated easily with almost any common RTOS, peripheral or flash device using IAR Embedded Workbench. All middleware can be supplied as a working project for Embedded Workbench with no integration required by developers. 

HCC provides a free plug-in for Embedded Workbench for C-SPY to aid with development and debug for networking and scheduling software. The plug-in displays advanced debug information in C-SPY for HCC's MISRA Compliant TCP/IP Stack and eTaskSync verifiable scheduler and will work with any target MCU.

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