Micro Digital

Micro Digital offers SMX: a modular, royalty-free Real Time Operating System that meets the needs of small to medium-size embedded systems. The core of SMX has been on the market for over 25 years. SMX also features extensive error checking and error management.


SMX supports the most prevalent embedded CPU families, especially those targeted at low-cost 32-bit embedded systems, such as ARM, Cortex, and ColdFire. It offers these modules: Multitasking Kernel with graphical debugger plugin, WiFi 802.11 stack with security options, TCP/IP dual IPv4 / IPv6 stack, FAT and Flash file systems, USB Host stack, USB Device stack, USB OTG, GUI, IEEE 754 Floating Point library, and Bootloader. 

  • High Performance (Three-level structure for hard real-time: LSRs, ISRs, and tasks.)
  • Very short interrupt latency
  • Fast task switching
  • Preemptive scheduling
  • Small Size (Efficient code, Minimal RAM usage)
  • Reliability and Safety (Comprehensive error detection and management, Mutexes for safe resource sharing)
  • Ease of Use (Processor-specific BSP, Quick-start Protosystem, Well-written manuals)

Integration with IAR Embedded Workbench

  • smxAware - kernel awareness tool used during debugging
  • Kernel Objects Displayed - Tasks, Events, Timers, Heaps and Stacks for example
  • SMX Add-on Module Objects Displayed - smxFS (File System), smxNS (TCP/IP), smxUSB Device and Host
  • Graphical Analysis Tool - Gives event timelines. Shows when tasks, lsr's and isr's ran and more

Free Learning Kits

Free SMX Learning Kits are available to learn multitasking and for use in personal and class projects, proofs of concept, and prototypes. They are for use with IAR Embedded Workbench and can be downloaded directly at www.smxrtos.com/lk



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