IAR Visual State

IAR Visual State is a tool for design and code generation. It is used to graphically design state machines and generate C,C++, C# or Java source code.

  • As complexity increases, how do you ensure that you capture the complete design in code? 
  • How can you make sure you keep on schedule when you add complexity to your project?
  • How can you ensure all parts works together when you are a large team developing a project?

With IAR Visual State, you can speed up time to prototype and shorten your time to market. At the same time, you ensure the code quality and smart features enable you to organize and modularize your design for efficient team work. Because the tool is made for embedded systems, it enables you to use state machines in an easy and intuitive way, with no unnecessary features to maneuver among.

  • Generates very compact code
  • Based on UML
  • Provides support for hardware debugging with direct feedback in the state machine design: Instantly see which state configuration is active and which transition got you there
  • Tightly integrated with IAR Embedded Workbench
  • Automatically generates documentation
  • Includes tools for validation and verification

Latest releases for IAR Visual State

10.1 What are the main updates?


  • Update to Documenter
    The transitions out from initial, shallow history, and deep history states are now listed as part of the region these states are in.
    Update to Documenter
    The Documenter uses PNG files for images now rather than EMF files.
  • Update to CCoder and HCoder
    The Classic Coder, and the Hierarchic Coder now has an extra option so the chosen variant name can be automatically appended to the chosen output paths.
  • Adds support for generation of Java and C# output.
  • The latest release contains smaller corrections and fixes.
Full release notes

Download a free trial

Try out the powerful integrated state machine design, implementation and test environment and evaluate the productivity gain and ease of use.

Download Software

(Version 10.1,
161.41 MB)

The evaluation edition is a fully functional edition of IAR Visual State including the Designer, Validator, Verificator, Code generator, documentation generator and project manager. A complete set of user guides is included in PDF format.


The evaluation edition corresponds to the latest release of the full edition of IAR Visual State, with a 30-day time limitation with no state limit.

The evaluation edition is intended for prospective customers to test and evaluate IAR Visual State, and must not be used for product development or any other kind of commercial use.

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