IAR Visual State

IAR Visual State is a set of tools for designing, testing and implementing embedded applications based on state machines.

It allows you to build your design from a high level, structure complex applications, and then step by step add functionality at a more detailed level. IAR Visual State is a powerful tool that can be used stand-alone. Using the tool together with IAR Embedded Workbench brings out several unique features, such as true state machine debugging.

  • Graphical state machine design based on the Unified Modeling Language (UML) state machine subset
  • Automatic code generation providing very compact C/C++ code, 100% compliant with the design
  • Formal verification of the design model to find unwanted properties in the design, like dead-ends or unreachable states etc.
  • Test and validation tools to ensure at an early stage of design that the application behaves as expected, even before the hardware exists.

Latest releases for IAR Visual State

8.1 What's the main updates?

Support for variants
Ability to model and build different variants from the same Visual State model to more easily handle different design variations for features depending on things like geographical region, feature differentiation etc.

Hierarchical Coder
Hierarchical Coder (HCoder) added. The Hierarchical Coder can improve the code size and speed efficiency for some models by better utilizing the hierarchical information in the models. The HCoder does not replace the current classic code generator, but is a complement.

Improved MISRA C/C++ compliance
The MISRA C:2012 compliance of the generated code has been improved.

64-bit applications
The Visual State applications are now 64-bit applications. This will increase the Verificators ability to handle larger models.

Updated user documentation 

Full release notes

7.5 What's the main updates?

Context sensitive help

Context sensitive help in the product is available. Press F1 to get information about the window that you are currently in.

Improved MISRA C/C++ compliance

  • The generated output files from the Coder have been improved.
  • Unsigned constants now correctly use the 'U' suffix.
  • Include guards in the generated files no longer use reserved identifiers.
  • Conditions in if and for statements are Boolean.
  • The ++ operator is not mixed with other operators in expressions.
  • No assignments are performed in subexpressions.
  • Typedef names are not reused.
  • The old style support for getting the signature at runtime using macros can now be replaced with using VSGetSignature.
  • A new option, 'Maximum MISRA compliance', has been added in the project part. 

Easier to switch between the different Coder APIs 

  • The Coder can now generate a VSDeduct function. 
  • The Coder can now generate VSElementName and VSElementExpl functions.
  • The Coder can now generate VSInitAll function.

New support for getting the signature 

The Coder can now generate a VSGetSignature function.

Reduce compilation time

The Coder now only generates files on the disk if it detects that the contents need to be changed. Otherwise, the file is not updated. You might need to manually change the Coder option for generating GUID guards by changing -generateguidguards1 to -generateguidguards0, and to change the Coder option for generating time and version in the files from -generatetimeandversion1 to -generatetimeandversion0 in the .vtg file.

Updated user documentation

The IAR Visual State User Guide has been updated.

Full release notes

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Try out the powerful integrated state machine design, implementation and test environment and evaluate the productivity gain and ease of use.

Download Software

(Version 8.1,
126.64 MB)

The evaluation edition is a fully functional edition of IAR Visual State including the Designer, Validator, Verificator, Code generator, documentation generator and project manager. A complete set of user guides is included in PDF format.


The evaluation edition corresponds to the latest release of the full edition of IAR Visual State, with the following exceptions:

  • A 30-state design limitation with no time limit


  • A 30-day time limitation with no state limit

The evaluation edition is intended for prospective customers to test and evaluate IAR Visual State, and must not be used for product development or any other kind of commercial use.

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