Tools for ARM

We provide a complete, powerful development environment for ARM-based devices from all major vendors.

IAR Embedded Workbench for ARM

User-friendly IDE

  • Integrated development environment with project management tools and editor
  • 4,300 example projects for various evaluation boards
  • Automatic checking of MISRA C rules (MISRA C:2004)
  • Linker and librarian tools
  • User and reference guides in PDF format
  • Context-sensitive help function
  • Fully integrated static analysis with the add-on C-STAT
  • Fully integrated runtime analysis with the add-on C-RUN
  • Subversion integration

Powerful build tools

  • Support for C , C++ and embedded C
  • Advanced global and target-specific optimizations
  • Multi-file compilation support
  • Compiler vectorization support for NEON
  • Support for 4 Gbyte applications in ARM and Thumb mode and each function can be compiled in ARM or Thumb mode
  • ARM Embedded Application Binary Interface (EABI) and ARM Cortex Microcontroller Software Interface Standard (CMSIS) compliant

Comprehensive debugger

  • C-SPY Debugger with ARM simulator and JTAG/SWD support
  • Support for ETM trace and PTM trace
  • Extensive HW target system support
  • Full-featured integration with I-jet, I-jet Trace and other in-circuit debugging probes
  • Multicore debugging with support for symmetric multicore processing (SMP) and asymmetric multicore processing (AMP)
  • Power debugging to visualize power consumption in correlation with source code
  • RTOS-aware debugging plugins available from IAR Systems and RTOS vendors

Hardware debugging support

  • I-jet: Supports all ARM7/9/11and Cortex-M/R/A cores. Enables Power debugging.
  • I-jet Trace: Supports ETM on Cortex-M cores. Enables Power debugging.
  • JTAGjet and JTAGjet-Trace
  • J-Link and J-Link Ultra
  • J-Trace
  • RDI (Remote Debug Interface) based debug probes
  • GDB server 
  • TI XDS100/200/ICDI, TI FTDI (LMI FTDI driver), TI ICDI 
  • Macraigor OCDemon mpDemon, usbDemon, usb2Demon, usb2Sprite
  • P&E Micro JTAG probes Multilink, Cyclone, OSJTAG
  • STMicroelectronics  ST-LINK and ST-LINK V2 (supports STM32 devices)
  • Atmel ICE Supports Atmel | SMART ARM-based MCUs (uses CMSIS-DAP)
  • SAM-ICE (Supports Atmel | SMART ARM-based MCU & MPUs)
  • mIDASLink (supports devices from Analog Devices)
  • IAR ROM-monitor (used in boards from Analog Devices, NXP, and OKI)
  • Angel ROM-monitor (Used in boards from Atmel and Cirrus Logic)

RTOS support

Built-in plugins: Vendor plugins available:
Express Logic ThreadX
Freescale MQX
Micrium µC/OS-III and µC/OS-II 
Quadros RTXC 
Segger embOS

e-Force µC3/Compact
eSysTech X Realtime kernel
Micro Digital SMX RTOS
Unicoi Fusion



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