Certified tools FAQ

Certified tools FAQ

Find answers to frequently asked questions about our functional safety offering.

What is the functional safety edition of IAR Embedded Workbench?

The functional safety edition of IAR Embedded Workbench is a special product and services package containing a tool chain certified by TÜV SÜD for software development according to high integrity standards IEC 61508, ISO 26262, EN 50128 and EN 50657. For Arm, RX and RL78, the certification also covers IEC 62304. A special support and update agreement gives you support and updates for the frozen version you are using for the longevity of the agreement. The certification is done for a specific version of the tool chain. Not every feature release will be certified.

Why would I buy the certified version of IAR Embedded Workbench?

High-integrity standards today frequently require you to provide extensive justification for selecting a particular development tool, unless the tool is already certified.

What safety standards is the product certified for?

The functional safety versions of IAR Embedded Workbench are certified for IEC 61508 (general standard for the functional safety of electric and electronic equipment), ISO 26262 (Automotive standard derived from IEC 61508), EN 50128 and EN 50657 (European railway standards derived from IEC 61508). The tools for Arm, RX and RL78 are also certified for IEC 62304 (medical device software - software lifecycle processes).

What does the certification mean?

It means that the functional safety edition is certified as a qualified tool for development of safety-related applications according to the mentioned standards. The implication of this is that selection of IAR Embedded Workbench, Functional safety version as a development tool is simplified and that the user for example does not have to demonstrate language standards compliance by the own testing etc.

The certification was proceeded by a thorough assessment of how IAR Systems develop, test and support our software.

Up to which (A)SIL level is the functional safety edition of IAR Embedded Workbench certified?

The technical certification report from TÜV says:

"The build tool chain of EWNNFS is suitable to be used in safety-related development projects according to ISO 26262:2011 for any ASIL level. The requirements of the "Validation of the software tool in accordance with [ISO26262-8, Chapter] 11.4.9" and "Evaluation of the tool development process in accordance with [ISO26262-8, Chapter] 11.4.8" are fulfilled."

Further it says:

“The build tool chain of EWARMFS classified as T3 off-line tool according to IEC 61508-4:2010, is suitable to be used in safety-related development projects according to IEC 61508:2010 for any SIL level.”

There are no explicit references to any specific (A)SIL levels and this is intentional as tool users should draw their own conclusions for their specific safety functions.

If my particular standard is not covered, can I still benefit from using the certified version?

Yes, many sector specific standards are derived from IEC61508 and thus tools qualification requirements are similar. For some standards additional information might be needed and we are in those cases happy to provide such information on a case-by-case basis. Further, the services in the special support and update agreement (See below) are just as valuable for any project where quality and reliability of the end product is at the forefront.

How does the functional safety edition of the product differ from the standard product?

The functional safety editions are resting on three pillars:

  • A specific certified version of IAR Embedded Workbench where no new features will be added. Updates will only consist of corrections of erratical behavior and notifications of issues to be aware of.
  • A special support and update agreement; see below for more information.
  • Certification documentation, including the certificate and a report to the certificate. The documentation package also includes a safety manual detailing the use of the tool chain in a functional safety context.

What licensing options are available?

The functional safety editions are available in a PC-locked version, a mobile version with dongle, a network version and a global network version. Only the standard packages are available, not the Baseline versions, Limited versions or Cortex-M version. Read more here about our licensing options.

What's included in the special Functional Safety Support and Update Agreement?

  • Support and updates for the specific certified version. This includes specially validated service releases containing only fixes to known issues and information about issues. IAR Systems supports a specific certified version as long as there are users with active support and update agreement on that version.
  • Prioritized support
  • Extra documentation needed for safety related development

Is the special support services included in the price?

Yes, the Functional Safety Support and Update Agreement is included for the first year after purchase.

What features of the tool chain are certified?

The full build tool chain and all of its features are covered by the certification. This include, but is not limited to, features like optimizations, language extensions, intrinsic functions etc. However, safety-related standards often place constraints or require extra justification to use such features. The restrictions or the amount of justification that might be needed differ between standards and the safety integrity level for the project. The usage of such features are covered in the safety guide.

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