Renesas FIT support

IAR Embedded Workbench and Renesas FIT

Renesas FIT simplifies development for the RX family. The technology is supported by IAR Embedded Workbench for RX.

Renesas Firmware Integration Technology (FIT) simplifies development of Renesas RX-based applications and improves portability between RX microcontroller.

Renesas FIT consists of a Board Support Package (BSP), peripheral function modules, middleware modules, and interface modules. IAR Embedded Workbench for RX supports a number of FIT modules that can easily be imported into the development project.The following modules are currently supported:

Module nameVersionApplicationDescription
r_bsp 2.81 Generic Board Support Packages.
r_bsp 3.30 Generic Board Support Packages.
r_cmt_rx 2.41 Timer Simple CMT driver for creating timer tick.
r_dtc_rx 2.02 DTC DTC driver
r_dtc_rx 2.04 DTC DTC Module
r_ether_rx 1.02 connectivity Ethernet Driver.
r_ether_rx 1.10 connectivity Ethernet Driver.
r_flash_rx 1.30 Non-Volatile Storage Flash API for RX100, RX200, RX600. and RX700.
r_gpio_rx 2.00 I/O Port General Purpose Input/Output Driver
r_irq_rx 1.90 Input IRQ Driver
r_mpc_rx 2.00 MCU Setup Multi-Function Pin Controller Driver
r_ptp_light_rx 1.10 Communications PTP Light Driver
r_t4_driver_rx 1.02 TCP/IP Convert the TCP/IP(T4) - RX Ether Driver Interface.
r_t4_http_server_rx 1.04 Connectivity Simple HTTP Server
r_t4_rx 2.03 TCP/IP The TCP/IP functions for Renesas MCUs.
r_tfat_driver_rx 1.02 Storage & Memory Memory Driver Interface for Open Source FAT File System.
r_tfat_rx 3.02 Storage & Memory Open Source FAT File System.
r_usb_basic_mini 1.02 Connectivity USB basic mini driver
r_usb_basic 1.10 Connectivity USB basic(low-level) driver
r_usb_hhid_mini 1.02 Connectivity USB Host Human Interface Device Class
r_usb_hhid 1.11 Connectivity USB Host Human Interface Device Class
r_usb_hmsc_mini 1.02 Connectivity USB Host Mass Storage Device Class
r_usb_hmsc 1.11 Connectivity USB Host Mass Storage Class
r_usb_phid_mini 1.02 Connectivity USB Peripheral Human Interface Device Class
r_usb_phid 1.11 Connectivity USB Peripheral Human I/F Device Class
r_usb_pmsc 1.11 Connectivity USB Peripheral Mass Storage Class

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