Starter kits for ST MCUs

Starter kits for ST MCUs

Our starter kits contains all the necessary hardware and software and allows you to design, start to develop, integrate and test your applications.


IAR KickStart Kit for STM32F429II

The kit contains:

  • STM32F429II-SK evaluation board

    • STM32F429II Cortex-M4 device
      4x status LED output
      Audio – microphone and headphone jacks
      User button
      4.3’’ touch screen color LCD
      JTAG/SWD connector 20 pin 0.1"
      Trace connector 20 pin 0.05”
      2x USB connectors – OTG & Host
      RS232 – DB9 connector
      SPI flash memory
      UXT connector
      SD card slot
      Multiple power supply options:­
      - JTAG pin 19 +5V­
      - USB OTG +5V
      - Trace pin 11 & 13 (I-jet Lite) +5V
      - External power +5V
      Power supply LED
      Reset button and circuit
      Temperature sensor
      3-axis accelerometer
      RoHS compliant

  • I-jet Lite debug probe with USB-mini cable

  • Software tools, example projects and documentation

Price: EUR 239 / USD 319

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