Starter kits for TI MCUs

Starter kits for TI MCUs

Our starter kits contains all the necessary hardware and software and allows you to design, start to develop, integrate and test your applications.


IAR KickStart Kit for MSP430FR5739

The kit contains:

  • I MSP-EXP430FR5739 Experimenter's board with on-board USB debugging interface (via integrated ezFET)
    • Integrated TI MSP430FR5739 device
    • USB debugging and programming interface
    • 3-axis accelerometer
    • NTC thermistor for temperature sensing
    • 2 user input switches and a reset switch
    • 8 LEDs for output display
    • Connectivity to the MSP-EXP430F5438 Experimenter Board
    • Connectivity to CCxxx radio daughter cards
    • Easily accessible device pins for debugging purposes
    • Separate power jumpers to measure power to the MSP430 and the RF daughter card. High quality stereo audio output
    • User experience: Demo code with 4 modes to test FRAM features

  • USB-mini cable

  • Software tools, example projects and documentation

Price: EUR 30 / USD 35

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