Benchmark results for R32C

Leading code optimizations

IAR Embedded Workbench for R32C generates very compact code, in average about 29% less code than Renesas NC30 for the tested code examples.

Tools used

This benchmark test compares the total size of linked code, const and initialized data area between the following tools:

IAR Embedded Workbench for R32C v1.30 (EWR32C)
Options: -z9 --double=32 --fp_model=fast --code_model=f --data_model=n

Renesas NC100 v101r00
Options: -c -OR_MAX -fnear_ROM -fuse_FPU


  NC100 v101r00 EWR32C v1.3 EWR32C NC100
bfix 690 416 60,3%
bittest 709 432 60,9%
blowfish 765  507  66,3%
bt_stack 4734 3516 74,3%
decrypt 5061  6131 121,1%
dyn_array 5567 5143 92,4%
microwave_sensor 10030 5419 54,0%
modeit 22705  15241 67,1%
Reed_Solomon_dec 23221  17008  73,2%
Spirometer  37533  17533  46,7%
struct_access 59212  43457  73,4%
Total 247335 163036 65.9%
Average     71.0%

Benchmark code examples

The following code examples, covering most embedded application areas, are used in this benchmark:

bfix  Routines to insert and extract bit fields from an array of characters pointed to by an unsigned char* pointer
 blowfish   Blowfish algorithm
 bt_stack  Embedded protocol stack
 bittest  Bit manipulation
 decrypt  Functions to descramble encrypted multimedia content
 dyn_array  Dynamic array allocation
 microwave_sensor  Customer application microwave sensor for measurement of moisture in bins
 modeit   Internet application with TCP/IP stack
 reed_solomon_decoder  Reed-Solomon decoder
 spirometer  Customer application, Spirometer. Device that determines how well the lungs receive, hold, and utilize air, to monitor a lung disease
 struct_access  Misc struct accesses
 temp_display  Customer application; temperature logger

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