Benchmark results for RH850

Leading code optimizations

IAR Embedded Workbench for RH850 generates very compact code, in average about 25% less code than Renesas CCRH for the tested code examples.

Tools used

This is a code size test on real customer applications where the size of linked code + constants has been compared. The test was performed with the following tools:

IAR Embedded Workbench for RH850 v1.20.0 (EWRH850)
Options: -e -Ohz --relaxed_fp --core rh850 --data_model medium --code_model normal --no_scheduling --lock_regs 0

Renesas CCRH v1.00.01
Options: -Xcommon=rh850 -Xcpu=g3k -c -g -Osize -Xwhole_program -Xalias=ansi -Xinline_strcpy -Xmerge_string -Xdiv -Xuse_fmaf


Total 75,0%
 Application EWRH850 vs CCRH code size
Turbogenerator technology 81,3%
Bluetooth stack 74,8%
Embedded Internet Toolkit 51,5%
Microwave sensor application 86,5%
Reed-Solomon encoding/decoding 53,7%
Dynamic array allocator 70,6%
Misc. math routines including trig. functions 77,7%
Functions to descramble CSS encrypted DVD content 87,5%
Blowfish algorithm 85,9%
Battery charger 96,7%

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