Benchmark results for RX

Leading code optimizations

The sophisticated optimization technology of IAR Embedded Workbench for RX generates very compact and fast code.

Code size benchmark test

For this benchmark we took real customer applications and tested for size. The benchmark compares the total size of linked code and constants between code from IAR Embedded Workbench, CC RX and GCC.

In total for the tested applications, IAR Embedded Workbench generated 27 % smaller code than CC RX and 27 % smaller code than GCC.

Tool versions used

IAR Embedded Workbench for RX v4.10
iccrx -e -Ohz --double=32 --code_model=f --data_model=n --align_func=1 --endian l --core RX610 --dlib_config=dlib_defaults.h --no_warnings

CC RX v2.08.00
ccrx -isa=rxv2 -fpu -lang=c -nomessage -show=source,conditionals,definitions,expansions -optimize=max -nologo

GCC for Renesas RX v4.8.4.201801
gcc-rx-elf -MMD -MP -nostdinc -Os -fdata-sections -ffunction-sections -g -flto -mlittle-endian-data -mcpu=rx600 -c -x c

Benchmark code examples used

A number of customer applications covering different aspects of embedded software and representing were used in this benchmark. When compiled with IAR Embedded Workbench they ranged from 412 bytes to 147906 bytes. They were as follows:

  • Remote monitoring and operation for generators and engines.
  • Turbogenerator technology, "turbocompounding"
  • Car navigation system
  • Embedded Internet Toolkit
  • Microwave sensor application
  • Spirometer firmware
  • Dynamic array allocator
  • Reed-Solomon encoding/decoding
  • Functions to descramble CSS encrypted DVD content.
  • Blowfish algorithm
  • Boolean bit operations
  • Insert and extract bit fields
  • Struct access testing


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