Meet some of IAR Systems’ employees!

Meet some of IAR Systems’ employees!

Nathalie Bringeland, System Developer

Nathalie works on system development with a particular focus on our customer management system. She studied a research program at Uppsala University’s faculty of medicine. Her research centered on data analysis and visualization of epigenetics and its role in childhood obesity.

"I’ve been working at IAR Systems for about six months, and I felt from the beginning that IAR Systems has an extremely friendly and welcoming atmosphere, where there’s plenty of leeway to be yourself on the job. My colleagues are gifted, skilled and truly enthusiastic about their work. I think this is related to the fact that our colleagues and managers value and highlight everyone’s work."

Lotta Frimanson, Product Manager

Lotta is the product manager for several versions of IAR Embedded Workbench, as well as the person in charge of our RTOS partner program. She has an M.Sc. in Engineering Physics from Uppsala University.

"The rapid pace of development in the embedded systems market creates new challenges and new things to learn every day. IAR Systems is truly a global company, and I have the privilege of working with numerous partners and colleagues around the world."

Tora Fridholm, Global Marketing Manager

Tora is the Global Marketing Manager and is in charge of product marketing. She has a Masters degree in language technology/computational linguistics from Uppsala University.

"The embedded systems industry is growing tremendously thanks to major interest in the Internet of Things, and it’s really exciting to be an active part of this development. One of the major challenges of my job is to communicate at multiple levels: we have to explain our offering at both a high business level and a detailed technical level. I love finding the perfect wording for a press release, or a graphic image that brings our website to a new level. But of course, the best thing of all is meeting our users and partners face to face, for example, at industry trade fairs around the world."

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