IAR Systems Group Interim Report January-March 2012

Sales up by 27% and earnings doubled

  • Net sales of SEK 58.0m (45.8)
  • Operating profit of SEK 8.0m (3.8)
  • Profit before tax of SEK 7.6m (3.7)
  • Cash flow from operating activities of SEK 1.3m (-4.1) and net cash of SEK
    30.8m (17.7) at the end of the quarter
  • Operating margin of 13.8% (8.3)
  • Earnings per share, calculated on profit from continuing operations, of SEK
    0.62 (0.32) after paid tax
  • In local currency, net sales for the quarter rose by 26% in the Americas,
    20% in Europe and 20% in Asia

Key events during the period

  • IAR Systems opens a sales office in Seoul, South Korea
  • I-jet launched and sales started at the end of the quarter

The english Year-end-report is a translation of the Swedish original. In event of discrepancy between the English translation and the Swedish original,  the original Swedish version shall prevail.

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