The support tool LsMon.exe

テクニカル・ノート 93976






2021/02/20 12:49


LsMon.exe is a tool for checking that there is a working connection between a Client computer and the License Server computer.


  1. Download the zip archive from the link: Zip-file with
  2. Unzip the archive.

How to use the tool

Open a Command Line Window and enter one (or more) of the following command lines.

  • Try refer to the server by name. In other words, refer to the host name of the server computer in the -s the parameter:
> lsmon -s
  • Try to refer to the server by IP address. So enter the fixed IP address to your server computer in the -s the parameter:
> lsmon -s 123.123.321.321
  • A general broadcast can be tried by not entering any parameters at all:
> lsmon

Send output back to IAR Systems

Copy the contents of the Command Line Window, save to a .txt file and send that .txt file back to IAR Systems for examination.

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