Endorsing global joint statement for consumer IoT security


Feb 17, 2022

Today we use billions of connected devices worldwide, and smart home devices are growing rapidly. Following this, a global consensus for baseline security is needed.

Through the World Economic Forum’s Council on the Connected World, we have joined industry, hackers, and consumer groups for building consensus to improve the security of connected IoT devices.

To improve the security of connected devices for all consumers, Cybersecurity Tech Accord, Consumers International, and I Am the Cavalry is representing more than 400 member organizations globally, are launching a Statement of Support around five security “must haves,” based on international standards.

The five security must haves include no universal default passwords, keeping software updated, securely communicating, ensuring that personal data is secure, and implementing a vulnerability disclosure policy.

“The efforts of the World Economic Forum, in addition to the growing national and international standards, are very welcome. From Secure Thingz side, we are ideally placed to support the improvement of security across all connected devices through our unique end-to-end solutions,” stated Haydn Povey, CEO of Secure Thingz. “It is only by elevating these requirements to the boardrooms of the Fortune 500 companies, and the corridors of power, that we will see the changes in purchasing habits and empowerment of systems, unleashing the radical benefits of the connected world.”

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