It’s time to deliver on the promise of IoT security


July 20, 2021

In the past, electronic devices had fixed functionality and their actions in the real world were controlled by the user. Today, almost all connected devices interact with the outside world without direct human intervention. Unfortunately, this means that if attackers can gain access to these devices and systems, they can alter the decision-making processes that drive these autonomous actions in the real world. This has huge implications for how we build and manage our connected devices, how we manage vulnerabilities over the lifecycle of our products, and how we manage and constrain data and credentials.

New regulation and legislation for IoT security and privacy is being rapidly introduced globally, such as Consumer IoT standard EN 303 645 and the Industrial IoT framework ICE 62443, as well as the US IoT Cybersecurity Improvement Act. But how to do we meet the requirements of these regulations and how do we ensure our systems and products are protected?

Haydn Povey, CEO of Secure Thingz which is part of IAR Systems Group, talked to Business Reporter UK about this. 

Hear Haydn Povey's thoughts on it

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