Join us at Arm DevSummit to learn how to keep up with the times


Sept 30, 2021

In a couple of weeks, Oct 19-21, this year's online Arm Devsummit will take place. We are of course part of it and hope you will join us to learn more about Arm-based solutions.

Our expert Shawn Prestridge will host the session Keeping up with the times in your Arm-based application during the event. You can join it live or watch it at a time suitable for you.  

In the session, Shawn will talk about the reasons for the growth of complexity in embedded applications and how this has affected the time engineers spend on software development. He will talk about the challenge of combining this complexity with the fact that development teams are now spread around the globe. How do you manage this and how can you be as efficient as possible, without losing control of your code? Shawn will discuss modern best practices for your Arm-based embedded applications, including code quality, code efficiency, application security, DevOps pipeline integration, and more for keeping up with the times in a holistic approach.

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