IAR Embedded Secure IP

Late-stage embedded security enablement

Prevent counterfeiting with IAR solutions



Enable unique identification for both software applications and device hardware. This helps to prevent counterfeiting while also providing encryption for your manufacturing processes.


Active IP protection

Ensuring the security of your intellectual properties such as applications, libraries, and other assets by providing encryption that guarantees safe device access.


IAR's approach to tackling embedded security vulnerabilities

Expore highlights and features for Late-Stage Embedded Security and Advanced Embedded Security.



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Counterfeiting damages brand reputation

End user benefits


Flexible security design at late stage development

Developers can enable security functions even after they have finished the previous development stage. They do not need to change previous design and code.


Less memory requirements to input code

Small-footprint devices with a tiny memory is enough for developers to enable security functions.


Compatible with 3rd party libraries and secure boot management mechanisms

If developers already have 3rd libraries and secure boot management mechanisms, they do not need to change but directly apply security functions with IAR.


Secure manufacturing with zero-trust

Device brands can secure all programming processes even if they choose zero-trust manufacturers to execute device provisioning.

Easy code and applications migration across platforms


For developers who have already developed their application and look at the next-generation hardware platform from various chip vendors, or try to migrate into a more cost-efficient chip platform, they need to spend development time to port previous applications to the new chip platform and new devices. 


IAR solution is able to help easily and smoothly migrate your code and applications onto new devices. 

  • Easy code and application migration
  • cost efficiency
  • time saving

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Lock software applications onto identified devices, enabling anti-cloning

Cloning is one critical challenge that many device brands are facing. Experience how to easily implement a mechanism with IAR solutions, and ensure that programmed information (data or code) for each device can only be decoded by the device itself through serial numbers or dedicated hardware identification. 

Watch the webinar to understand how IAR prevents counterfeits.

Watch the webinar

Product overview

By enabling the late-stage security application with IAR, you will easily get device unique information protected from being used in other devices.

Protect IPs and manufacturing

IAR Embedded Secure IP product bundle with IAR Secure Deploy will assist you to protect your device development and manufacturing, saving time and cost.

Flexible chip platform switching

There is a challenge for engineers to re-write codes and discard development designs when there comes to changes in using different MCU vendors.

With IAR solution, you will have easy access to a wide range of MCUs with a consistent framework and development design without doing changes.


Supported devices

Our security tools and services offer support for a wide range of devices, including Arm-based MCUs (eg. Arm Cortex-M0+, -M23, -M33, -M4, and -M7) as well as the Renesas RX MCU family devices, enabling you to choose the right MCU for the security and functional needs of your application. Please contact us to inquire other device support.


Strengthen benefits by protecting production

To maximize your benefits with IAR, we deliver additional IC programming tools - IAR Secure Deploy alongside IAR Embedded Secure IP, protecting your IPs and preventing counterfeits at the production processes.

Learn more about IAR Secure Deploy


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