Security from Inception

Security from Inception Suite


The Security from Inception Suite provides companies with a straightforward way of getting started with security and build a platform which will extend with evolving security needs. It’s available in different editions to help you achieve the right level of security for your needs:

  • Basic – Development software and debug probe + training in basic security, legislations and how to secure applications
  • Advanced – All in basic + Secure Desktop Provisioner + an extra day of training in advanced security
  • Premiere – All in basic and advanced + extended on-site security training alongside a custom design review

Included software and hardware

The following software and hardware tools are included in the Security from Inception Suite:

  • Embedded Trust – enabling you to define custom Security Contexts, which uniquely service your specific needs
  • C-Trust – integrating security in the development workflow
  • Secure Desktop Provisioner – Secure development and prototyping, included in the Advanced and Premiere editions
  • IAR Embedded Workbench – Complete C/C++ compiler and debugger toolchain in one single integrated development environment
  • C-STAT – integrating static code analysis in the development workflow
  • I-jet – Industry-leading high-speed in-circuit debugging probe

Included training services

The Security From Inception Suite includes a wide array of training resources suitable for developers, management and corporate leadership looking to understand how security will impact their businesses. It is structured in different set of training, enabling developers to gain a clear overview of demands, but also ensuring that other stakeholders, such as the Corporate Information and Security (CISO) functions, can align with product security demands.


Embedded TrustおよびC-Trustは、デバイスセキュリティ、組込みシステムセキュリティおよびライフサイクルマネジメント領域におけるグローバルエキスパートである、IARシステムズとSecure Thingzによって共同開発されています。

Introduction to Security from Inception Suite

This recorded webinar explains how Security from Inception Suite can help you implement and customize security in your company’s embedded applications.

Security from Inception Brochure

This brochure describes the background of the concept of Security from Inception as well as includes details of the available tools and training.

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