Debugging an ARM core which is not 1st on JTAG chain

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5/17/2022 8:08 AM


This technical note provides information about how to debug a device that is not first in the JTAG chain.


When the device is not first in the JTAG chain, C-SPY® needs information about the preceding devices. Use an I-jet® probe and the EmuDiag.exe tool to collect such information.

Example of a JTAG chain

A chain of connected JTAG devices is created by consecutively connecting TDO on one device to TDI on thenext device, and so on.

This schematic shows two devices connected in a JTAG chain.

Which device is the first device?

The first device (for this purpose), is the device where TDO is connected to the debug probe. Note that:

  • The first device will be given the ID TAP0 (zero).
  • When debugging the first device, there is no need to make extra settings.

Debugging a device that is not first in the JTAG chain

These steps are needed to debug a device that is not first in the JTAG chain. (In this example the JTAG chain consists of a Toshiba TMPM320-SK board and an ST STM32F207ZG board.)

  1. Connect the I-jet probe.
  2. Start IAR Embedded Workbench for Arm®, and choose I-jet > EmuDiag.
  3. In EmuDiag.exe clikc the Test JTAG button. (This displays the JTAG Configuration dialog box.)
  4. Click the Autodetect button to see this JTAG chain:

  5. Note down this information:
    1. The ST STM32F207ZG has the ID TAP1
    2. The device at TAP0 (the Toshiba TMPM320) has IR=4. In other words, four preceding bits.
  6. Close EmuDiag.exe
  7. In Embedded Workbench for Arm, open the project for ST STM32F207ZG, and choose Project > Options > Debugger > I-jet > Interface

  8. Make these settings:
    1. Set Probe config to Explicit
    2. Multitarget debug system
    3. Set Target number to 1
    4. JTAG scan chain contains non-Arm devices
    5. Set Preceding bits to 4
  9. Click the Setup tab to select the Reset strategy:
    • For Cortex select Core reset.
    • For ARM 7/9 select Software reset.
    • It is important to choose a reset strategy that does not use TRST to reset, because such a reset will reset all cores.

More reading

  • For I-jet and EmuDiag.exe there is more information about the JTAG chain in \arm\bin\jet\emudiag.pdf.
  • For J-Link, read \arm\doc\JLink_J-TraceARM.pdf.

Typical path is 
C:\Program Files\IAR Systems\Embedded Workbench x.y\

Where x.y stands for version of the common components.


The I-jet probe can connect to any device in a JTAG chain. Connect the I-jet, use the EmuDiag.exe tool to collect information about the JTAG chain and enter that information in C-SPY Debugger Options dailog box.

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