Mitigating security vulnerability CVE-2020-16273

Technical Note 201016






10/16/2020 6:12 PM


A potential security vulnerability has been discovered relating to the management of secure stacks on Arm v8-M devices with security extensions, known as TrustZone.

This is not a hardware issue and Arm has devised a simple software solution.

This document describes how IAR Systems is addressing the issue and what a developer can do to mitigate the issue.


For a description of the issue, see CVE-2020-16237 and Arm Security Advisory Note.

Future releases of IAR Embedded Workbench for Arm will have updated startup files for all Cortex-M devices and also for devices without TrustZone. A developer using non-standard or legacy startup files can update the startup with the following short preamble to the startup:

movw r0, #0xeda5
movt r0, #0xfef5
mov r1, r0
push {r0, r1}
mov r0, sp
msr PSP, r0


With the recommended solution in this document, the secure stacks will be sealed against secure stack underflows.


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