How can I get a jump to specific line in external editor?

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5/30/2022 11:49 AM


The IAR Embedded Workbench™ can send command line arguments to your external editor to make the external editor select a specific line in a source file.


You add (in Tools>Options) command line arguments for your external editor.

Example using Notepad++

Assume this message (which refers to line 31) is seen in the Build window:

Error[Pe020]: identifier "P_1OUT" is undefined C:\Users\PerDA\Documents\IAR Embedded Workbench\430\FET_examples\FET_examples\msp430x1xx\C-source\msp430x1xx_fet_1.c 31

To open your external editor on line 31, you need to add some settings in the IAR Embedded Workbench.

You should take these actions:

  • Select Tools>Options>Editor>External Editor
  • Select Use External Editor
  • In the Type drop-down menu select Command Line.
  • Enter Editor: C:\Program Files (x86)\Notepad++\notepad++.exe
  • Enter Arguments: "$FILE_PATH$" -n$CUR_LINE$

Using other external editors

You must check the documentation of your editor for corresponding argument(s).


You can set command line arguments to jump from the Build window to the specific code line in your external editor.

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