Troubleshooting Subversion integration

Technical Note 12129






2/8/2018 6:14 AM


The integration in IAR Embedded Workbench does not work with my Subversion version control system.


The following actions will help you make the integration work.

Action 1 – See screenshots

Take a look at the: Screenshots of working Subversion

This information will help you make the integration work:

Action 2 - Setting up a Subversion working copy

To use the Subversion integration in the IDE, make sure that the folder containing svn.exe and TortoiseProc.exe are in your path, for example:

C:\Program Files\TortoiseSVN\bin

Action 3 - Connect an IAR Embedded Workbench project

To connect an IAR Embedded Workbench project to an SVN system, you should:

  • In the SVN client application, set up an SVN working copy.
  • In the IDE, connect your application project to the SVN working copy.

Known issue:

  • There is a known issue with TortoiseSVN version 1.7:
    TortoiseSVN no longer installs the command line tools (svn.exe) by default.
  • Therefore users (with TortoiseSVN 1.7 and no svn.exe) will have to reinstall TortoiseSVN with the check box for the command line tools enabled.


The advice given should make the integration with Subversion to work.

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