(LMS1) Using command line for compilation

Technical Note 26271






11/16/2020 1:06 PM

Note: - This applies to legacy versions of IAR Embedded Workbench (2013 and older) which used License Management System version 1 (LMS1).


The compiler fails with a copy protection error when compiling from the command line.
When compiling in the IAR Embedded Workbench IDE, there is no such error.



The compiler fails when any of the names in the path is not a simple name.
When building in the IDE, the IDE helps the compiler to handle this situation. Thus, this error does not occur when compiling in the IDE.


Use simple paths on the command line. Use these simple paths for all references. With simple paths, we mean::

  • Directory names with a maximum of 8 characters.
  • Paths that use only A to Z, a to z, and 0 to 9 as characters in the directory names.
  • Paths that do not use space characters or any type of whitespace character in the directory names..

This is an example of a simple path:



Using legacy versions of the compiler when building on the command line sometimes only works if all paths are simple paths.

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