(LMS1) License Server shows license, but Client PC does not find it

Technical Note 91960






11/6/2015 10:37 AM

Note: - This applies to legacy versions of IAR Embedded Workbench (2013 and older) which used License Management System version 1 (LMS1).


IAR Embedded Workbench running on a Client PC does not get a license from the License Server application running on the Server PC.

Background (the most common reason)

The client-server communication is handled via the UDP protocol, port 5093 on the network. If a firewall or network bridge is installed between the client and the server, the minimum requirement (Network Requirements.pdf) is that UDP packets at port 5093 are routed.

Suggestion (the most common reason)

See too that UDP port 5093 is opened. See hints in Technical Note 29096.

Background (more complex situation)

If the above suggestion does not help, then please read on. For example, this can happen if the Client PC has several network interfaces.

Suggestion (more complex situation)

The Windows Firewall can be set up with rules for specific executables. Set up one rule (on the Client PC) for each of the...

IarIdePm.exe and LicenseManager.exe (found in your IAR Embedded Workbench installation directory in common\bin )

...and the...

licman.exe ( C:\Program Files\Common Files\IAR Systems\License\Utilities )

...applications. The firewall rule should allow each of the applications to communicate on all UDP ports.

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