Latest version of XLINK linker

Technical Note 16492






8/19/2021 3:27 PM


This Technical Note provides the latest version of IAR XLINK Linker.

Current latest official version: V6.6.3 (2021-Aug-19)

Here you can get the latest version of XLINK. The zip file contains the latest XLINK, XAR, XLIB, and linker documentation:

Download the latest version of XLINK.

The readme files are not yet Information Center compatible so do not put these html files into your doc/infocenter/ directory.

Important: In version 6.0.0, support for the following chip families is removed: 8051 V5.xx, 740, 65000, 65K, RX and 6502. Also ELF/DWARF for Arm is removed. The COFF format is removed. The -V option is removed. The last version with those features is version
Download XLINK version

Important: Version is the first release without two old features. The removed features are Relay Function Optimization (only available in ICCARM versions 3.41 - 4.42) and the -b option for banked placement. The last version with those features is version
Download XLINK version

Important: Version 4.61A and later is no longer delivered with the file xlink.dll. That dll is used in the version 2.xx of the graphical interface in which the EW23.exe, EW22.exe, EW21.exe, or IAREW.exe is the executable. The last version with xlink.dll is version 4.60M.
Download XLINK version 4.60M.

Important: Starting with version 4.52A, the Windows release of XLINK is no longer delivered with a DOS extender. This means that XLINK will not work in environments that do not provide the Win32 interface (Win32 is provided in Windows 95 and later). The last version that provides a DOS extender is version 4.51T.
Download XLINK version 4.51T.


Note that some IAR Embedded Workbench products use IAR ILINK Linker instead of XLINK.
IAR ILINK Linker is updated in the service packs for those specific products.


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