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Schneider Electric

Saving development time

Schneider Electric's main focus is to help their customers make the most of their energy.

In the Data Center and Network market, the solutions include:

  • Electrical distribution,
  • Energy monitoring and control,
  • Architecture design and installation audits.
  • Leading-edge UPS systems, electrical switchgear, generators, etc.
  • Cooling systems with a unique rack-based cooling technique to avoid overheating
  • Online supervision and analysis
  • Training and maintenance
  • Security

The main development challenge is the need to be able to develop complex embedded firmware with minimal resources in a short amount of time.

How IAR Visual State makes a difference

With IAR Visual State, Schneider Electric gets consistent semantics applied to all state machines with code generated automatically. This makes a big difference to the company since it significantly saves development time.

Schneider_Electric_product Schneider_Electric_product

For more information about Schneider Electric, go to www.schneider-electric.com

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