Chief Product & Engineering Officer

We are looking for a Chief Product & Engineering Officer to join our global team. In the role, you will make sure that our products are competitive, built on competitive technology with well-defined processes, the right competence and resources, and with the right tools.

Location: Uppsala, Sweden

About the role

As a Chief Product & Engineering Officer of the Corporate Engineering function, you will be responsible for the development and product ownership of IAR Systems Group’s products and associated technology. The role reports to the Chief Executive Officer, but with tight interaction with the Chief Strategy Officer and the Chief Technology Officer. The role might change over time to include new products and technology.

As for all roles in the company, it is important to understand the company’s business and work towards departments and company goals.

Role responsibilities

In the role as Chief Product & Engineering Officer, you will:

  • Run the daily operations of the entire Engineering and Product Management/Ownership activities
  • Organize and manage the organization to be aligned with business needs in terms of technology, competence, processes and delivery capacity.
  • Make succession planning and talent management

Together with other stakeholders, you will also:

  • decide, plan, and execute new product development and product introductions.
  • enhance, propose, and implement our policies and procedures to streamline day-to-day activities.
  • plan for life-cycle maintenance and enhancement of existing product lines.
  • maintain a delivery roadmap for new products, new technology and large maintenance/internal investment needs.

In addition to above, you will take part in various internal decision forums as needed as well as be involved in other activities as assigned.

Personal qualifications

To succeed in this role, we believe you have:

  • Previous experience of leading a software engineering organization with multiple layers of leadership.
  • Broad, but not necessarily very deep, knowledge of software development and related product ecosystems, preferably with insights in embedded software development and the challenges posed by working close to the hardware.
  • Knowledge of modern tools and processes for efficient software development
  • The ability to coach and challenge the organization to not get stuck in a business-as-usual mindset and to grow as individuals.

On occasion, you will travel across Europe, the US and APAC. You should have business proficiency in English, preferably full proficiency in Swedish.

What are we offering?

With IAR Systems, you will get to be part of a multi-cultural and global business in a fast-growing industry. We are welcoming, open to new ideas, and take pride in our achievements. We work together as a team, in each specific office as well as globally. We are problem-solvers and take on new challenges with excitement and energy. This is why we will put great emphasis on your personal qualities and their alignment with our values.


For this recruitment, we collaborate with Navigio. For questions, please reach out to Nima Axenlod at

Last day to apply is December 3, 2021.

Apply for this job

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