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Eclipse 통합

Eclipse 플러그인

Arm용 툴을 위한 완벽한 툴체인 플러그인과 추가 타겟을 위한 툴 플러그인을 제공합니다.

Complete toolchain plugin for Arm

Our completely integrated Eclipse plugin extends the IDE's capabilities by providing compiler and build tools, as well as a full integration of our C-SPY Debugger. Since the Eclipse plugin uses the IAR Embedded Workbench build tools, the generated code is equally reliable and of the same high quality as for IAR Embedded Workbench.

The integration allows our advanced debug technology to be utilized from within the Eclipse IDE.

Key features

  • IAR C/C++ Compiler, IAR Assembler, and IAR ILINK Linker
  • IAR C-SPY Debugger (replaces the GDB-based debugger that is standard with Eclipse CDT)
  • Project import functionality
  • Advanced trace features
  • Instruction set simulator
  • All standard Eclipse CDT features

Build tool plugins for other architectures

For selected architectures, we provide build tool plugins. They allow the IAR C/C++ Compiler, Assembler and Linker to be run from within Eclipse. Code generated by the build tools can be debugged using the GDB-based Eclipse debugger or by using our C-SPY Debugger outside of Eclipse.

  • Eclipse CDT integration
  • IAR C/C++ compiler, assembler and linker
  • C and C++ Libraries
  • Parsing of error messages
  • Options settings from Eclipse

The build tool plugins are available for the following architectures:

  • Texas Instruments MSP430
  • Renesas R32C
  • Renesas V850
  • Renesas RH850
  • Renesas RL78
  • Renesas RX
  • Renesas 78K 
  • STMicroelectronics STM8

Install our Eclipse plugins from eclipse-update.iar.com

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