Investment Case

Investment case

IAR Systems is a profitable company with a unique offering, a central role in well-established partner networks and new opportunities for growth.

IAR Systems is the world’s leading provider of software for programming of processors in embedded systems. The software is used by many of the world’s largest corporations as well as thousands of small and medium-sized companies, mainly within industrial automation, medical technology, telecommunication, consumer electronics and the automotive industry. The superior technology and service offered by IAR Systems enables customers to create the products of today and the innovations of tomorrow.

A profitable growth company

IAR Systems is in a unique market position thanks to its leading technology. The company was founded more than 30 years ago, and since then has continually evolved and refined its products in order to meet customer demand. Our headquarters are located in Uppsala, Sweden, but due to the company’s international reach, over 95% of sales are attributable to markets outside the Nordic region. Most product development takes place in Uppsala, but also to a certain extent in the USA. In addition, there are sales and support offices in Sweden, Germany, France, Japan, China, Korea and the USA. IAR Systems is represented in an additional 43 countries around the world through its distributors. The company has a license-based sales model in which IAR Systems sells a license to a user who is then authorized to use IAR Embedded Workbench. The model is flexible and can be adapted depending on the number of users the customer needs. This model creates closer relationships with the customers at the same time that it generates a consistent revenue stream. In addition, the company focuses on markets which it deems to have significant potential, for example, the automotive industry and the Internet of Things. As part of IAR Systems’ investment in the Internet of Things, the company has signed an exclusive royalty agreement with Renesas for the Renesas Synergy Platform, providing a comprehensive solution for innovative product development. The agreement with Renesas means that IAR Systems is complementing its current license-based business model with a royaltybased model. The new agreement with Renesas will provide revenue from royalties for each microprocessor used in the products the customer eventually manufactures. For a customer in the new model, IAR Systems will receive revenue throughout the entire period in which the customer’s products are produced, which could last many years.

Superior technology

In an increasingly digitized world, the software that IAR Systems offers is a key enabler for the development of smart products. Today, digital products are found in every industry – from consumer electronics, medical technology and healthcare to manufacturing and the automotive industry. All smart products have an embedded system controlled by one or more processors. The developer requires software to program instructions into the processor that then controls the smart product. IAR Systems’ IAR Embedded Workbench helps developers program these processors so that they fulfill their function in the embedded system. This complete software helps facilitate, streamline and quality-assure customers’ product development. IAR Embedded Workbench is available in a number of different versions in order to match different types of processors. It is continually updated with improved functionality and support for new processors in order to meet the needs of customers and the market. IAR Embedded Workbench supports over 11,000 processors for embedded systems with 8- 16- and 32-bit architecture, which is a major reason why IAR Systems holds such a unique position in the market. This broad support creates far-reaching flexibility and benefits for customers, since they can maintain their development environment even when they intend to change processors for reasons such as a new project, and can also reuse 70-80% of previously developed code. This produces valuable savings in terms of both time and money. IAR Systems’ product portfolio is continually being refined, and in recent years the company has expanded its portfolio by offering add-on products that facilitate customers’ day-to-day work. Aside from driving lucrative additional sales, a broader product portfolio enables IAR Systems to further strengthen its competitiveness. IAR Systems is able to offer all customers who purchase software a comprehensive support contract that gives them access to technical support and continuous product updates. IAR Systems’ support department is well-known and much appreciated for its extensive experience and impressive expertise which provide added value for customers.

Dedicated team with an emphasis on service

IAR Systems’ global organization and its enduring passion for product development and technology attract skilled and talented people to the company in all of the countries in which it operates. Our employees’ diverse cultural backgrounds, unique perspectives and local knowledge are important contributing factors to IAR Systems’ strong presence worldwide, and enable the company to meet customers in their own market. By sharing knowledge and experience among highly qualified and motivated employees, IAR Systems creates the most competitive customer solutions.

Internet of Things drives growth

The market is now facing continued growth driven by IoT as more and more people realize the potential contained in this area. Connected products and services have grown enormously in recently years, and it is estimated that there will be more than 50 billion connected products by 2020. Almost all industries have devices and products that could be developed further through improved communication and connectivity. There are therefore many opportunities linked to IoT in almost every area, from the automotive industry, health and medical care, and logistics to smart cities and industrial automation. When it comes to IoT, there is considerable demand for more secure solutions, particularly in the automotive and medical technology industries. That is precisely why, in 2017, we invested in Secure Thingz in order to expand our product portfolio with a focus on security. IAR Systems helps to make IoT possible, enabling innovation in this field by linking products with technologies, and has already demonstrated the strength of its business model. Thanks to its technology and strong market position, IAR Systems is well equipped to meet customers’ needs for stable and complete solutions for efficient product development linked to IoT

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