MSP430 하드웨어로 CRC 계산

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2018-02-28 오전 2:30


Some MSP430 devices has a built-in hardware CRC calculator. This Technical Note shows how to use it to verify a linker (XLINK) calculated checksum - or a software (C algorithm) calculated checksum.


See the example project (Example project (IAR Embedded Workbench for 430 5.60.3).zip) and screenshot for IAR Embedded Workbench for MSP430 version 5.60.3 (and newer) and MSP430FR5739.

Linker checksum settings

See Project > Options > Linker > Checksum.

The linker checksum in this example is configured as follows:

 Size: 2 bytes
Alignment: 2
Algorithm: CRC16(0x11021)
Complement: As is
Bit order: MSB first
Initial Value: 0x0
Checksum unit size: 8-bit

The hardware calculated checksum in this example matches the linker calculated checksum.


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